The Twists and Turns of The Conspiracy Case Against Ezekiel Elliott, Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys Page 3 

11/05/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  1 2  3 4

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Roger Goodell is a habitual line stepper; Jerry Jones is NOT fighting Goodell, Goodell is fighting Jerry Jones. Ladies and Gentlemen you are witnessing the end of the NFL.

I tweet the below Oct 30th 2017 that went viral with help from other independent sports shows retweeting. Mainstream sports stayed away of course and basically called me a flake or I’m guessing or whatever. I will say 1053 The Fan was the only “Mainstream” sports show that even acknowledged the tweet, after the fact, but they did talk about it.

Phone rings it’s the Blue Knight:

Blue Knight: You have set off the Judge and NFL with one single tweet.

Tom Stokes: Fuck em. What did __________ say?

Blue Knight: That they will pick it up at the 2nd Circuit to keep Failla out of harm’s way

Tom Stokes: Yeah, I have received 2 phone calls from a private number, they call and hang up. But that could be Eagle fans – (Nervous laugh)

Blue Knight: You’re right on target with this and don’t worry the 2nd will grant the stay.

We talked a few more minutes, I hung up and went back to work connecting dots in this crazy maze.


The next day I wake up to these headlines;

November 2, 2017:

“Lawyers for the NFL have told an appeals court that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has no chance of success with his latest attempt to delay a six-game suspension. Therefore no reason to grant a stay” – AP

Who the hell does the NFL think they are? They tell a United States Federal Court what they should or should not do?  Outside the Catholic Church, the NFL is one of the most powerful organizations on earth. Unlike the Catholic Church, it’s not very humble and pushes people around like a school bully would.

I should be a little worried about taking a punch at them but I’m not. You see this isn’t the first time I took on a major corporation by myself and beat them single handedly.

How about that time I took on a giant fifty billion dollar corporation that was bullying me and won. I’m not supposed to talk about how I defeated them after signing a confidentiality agreement but I’m sure it’s okay to tell you who it was. It was Intel, yes the computer chip maker. They came at me hard and fast. I fought back hard and fast and moved in Pro Se (Means I represented myself) This also means I do not have to abide by any one's rules but my own.

During the fight, they flew and met me at a Hotel conference room in Phoenix, AZ where I happened to be working with a Client. When I say they, I mean the head attorney for Intel Corp. and three or four other Ivy League attorneys that represented the monster company.

I represented myself and my company and knocked them out cold. Lights out!! It consumed us (My sweet girlfriend was a big help) for six months. So am I a little worried about the NFL coming after me? No, not really, but I am worried about the time it takes to knock a giant like The NFL to its knees.  

From the start, this Zeke case never made any sense to me. Riddle me this batman; How does Josh Brown get one game and he admitted abusing his wife and Zeke gets six games and he did nothing?  This doesn’t compute at all. Tom Brady served a four-game suspension for maybe or not maybe knowing that footballs were a little deflated while Ray Rice initially received a two-game suspension and a standing ovation from Ravens fans after knocking his fiancé unconscious in an Atlantic City casino. One more time I want you to read this because it’s important. Ray Rice received a two-game suspension and a standing ovation from Ravens fans after knocking his fiancé the fuck out! Two videos! By the way, Goodell had that other video he’s a liar.

The next day I talk to The Blue Knight and we assure each other that Zeke will play Sunday and for the rest of the season. So I double and triple down after getting torched online for the last 24 hours.

Jerry Jones was feeling the heat too. These two nincompoops George Dunham from the ticket and the Dale Hansen both jumped at the opportunity to tear Jerry Jones a new one but they were way off base and it was just rhetoric. I have since unfollowed both and will never tune in to either station again. I encourage you to do the same. I feel like I have been reliving the Presidential race all over again and in some ways I have.

This arbitrary disciplinary system that is controlled by Goodell and Goodell only is exactly what the NFLPA bargained for when it agreed to Article 46 of the CBA. If you’re following along that’s page 204 – 206 in the document (ACCESS IT HERE)

But would the Constitution of the United States of America supersede a written document?  I really believe it will in Zeke’s case.

Article 46 grants Goodell a wide-range of power to discipline players for “conduct detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of professional football.” Basically, if Goodell says it is punishable it is... the end. 


This is where your due process of the 14th Amendment would come into play.  Oh, but wait. Why didn’t due process work for other players and how would due process law fall in to play with the CBA.

Okay, first listen to what you just said. How could the federal law apply to the CBA? How could it not? It wouldn’t on all cases but Zeke’s is different.


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