Charity Work


One of the shows higher purposes is the orphanage where I was raised. Click here to read more about the Waldo Burton Boys Home in New Orleans, LA and other great causes we lend a hand to each year. More







TV, Movie, and Music Projects


  • Founded LOUD Media in 2006 combining 25 years of the car business and entertainment industry into one.   LOUD Entertainment is a prominent automotive, entertainment and sports agency headquartered in Dallas TX and now the home of Moving Iron LLC.

  • LOUD represents A-listers and emerging stars in movies, television, music, and sports. Including working with Gene Simmons of KISS,  Jeremy Piven VIDEO in The Goods Used Car Movie, Chazz Palminteri A Bronx Tale,   Vince Neil of Motley Crue , Darren DPaul Wise and several other A-list Actors, Athletes, and Rockers.

  • Produced several dealership infomercials over the last 17 years

  • The Movie "The Goods" was based on Tom's life 

  • Created and produced WAR of ROCK TV with Darren DPaul Wise, Dana Strum and Mark Slaughter of Multi-Platinum Rock Band SLAUGHTER.

  • Created and produced The Drew Pearson Show FOX Sports  IMDB 2011 - 2013. It was the number one most followed and watch Sports and Entertainment show online starring Dallas Cowboy Legend Drew Pearson

  • Created and Produces Sports Plus Dallas and Chicago. 2011 - 2017

  • Created and Produces The Freddy Cain Show  Dallas

  • Created and will produce working with Drew Pearson and Roger Staubach The Hail Mary Film  The Drew Pearson Roger Staubach Story...

  • Produced The Big Texas Toy Run Documentary 

  • Produces the Emmitt Smith LIVE Red Carpet 



Music Industry



Broadway Shows

  • Executive Producer of A Bronx Tale One Man Show with Chazz Palminteri (Dallas Only)


Apparel Industry 

  • Co-Founder of Legends Sports Wear with Several NFL Legends

About Tom Stokes 

Currently, Tom handles sales and marketing, leading advertising revenue growth with multimedia sales teams located in Dallas, Fort Worth, OKC,  Chicago and New Orleans for his newest adventure,  He also oversees Disingerm's communication team, with responsibility for business-to-business strategy and client brand experiences keeping ROI in focus. 


" I am a big fan of strategic alliances. I think this is the best way to effectively get our message out, as a team, and helps enable clients to maximize their investment on your channel and Sports+PLUS through my online optimization using my unique software created in part by NuVuez a software technology company that I founded. " - Tom Stokes 


"I'm not a professional journalist but I enjoy writing about Music, Football, Fast Cars, Bikes or whatever's on my mind. Just a warning though my writing is straight-forward style simple, to the point, and not a lot of bullshit so, in other words, I swear.   I really don't care what you think but you are welcome to tell me. You can check out some of my stories and photo's here Tom's Blogs 


Originally from New Jersey, grew up in New Orleans he now resides in Dallas area (On a farm) with long-term girlfriend Brittany. He has four children ages 34 - 10 years old. His oldest daughter, Victoria (25),  graduates from LSU Medical as an RN BSN in December 2017. His youngest son, Brennan (17)  is a quarterback, His youngest daughter, Parker (10) loves soccer.  He has one granddaughter, Zoe that lives in Los Angeles with his oldest son, Matt (34).  He has been clean and sober for 30 years  (Friends of Bill W.)  Sobriety Story He is Roman Catholic and is very involved in charity work. He enjoys photography, camping, guitars, fast cars and music especially rock n' roll.


Tom is very creative, outgoing, open-minded and hardworking. The list of accomplishments and ongoing projects are listed below.

Check out some of  Tom's writings and concert photo's 

Car Business Accomplishments

Tom Stokes is a 24-year car guy that started in used car sales on the floor in at Acadiana Dodge in Lafayette LA. By 1998 he was a finance director of one of the largest Toyota stores in Gulf States (Coleman Toyota Baton Rouge). Tom has worked as Used Car Director, New Car Director, GSM and GM for Tom Benson that was bought by Walter Blessy.  


Founded Movingiron LLC in late 1998 and has broken sales event records at several dealerships over the past decade including Trophy Nissan's One Million Dollar 4-day sale in Dallas Texas ( VIDEO ).  Including the 175 units sold in 4 days at Prestige Ford in Dallas TX.


Has worked with and created events for Potamkin Auto Group in New York , Roundtree Automotive, Bohn Brothers in New Orleans, Van Tuyl Automotive Nationwide, Asbury Group, Sonic, Group One, Gregory Penske: Longo Toyota, Bobby Beck: The Beck Group, Tom Durant: Classic Chevy, Charlie Nixon, John Prindle, Randall Reed, and many others. 


His favorite position at a dealership is closing ...

"I love being on the floor at a car dealership, and really love taking a customer from No, No, No not buying today too - Thanks Tom for helping us BUY TODAY!" - Tom Stokes


  • With a CORE Team of 20 strategists, analysts, managers, executives, administrators and specialists working together to help bring auto dealers OVER-THE-TOP sales and service for more than 15 years;

  • Bringing over 100 combined years of experience in the fields of data compiling, mail promo's, printing, PR, dealer marketing, advertising, social media, TV/Movie production and Web 2.0;

  • Has worked on over 1,500 automotive campaigns across more than 42 States and Three Countries;

  • Started Moving Iron ( in 1998. Moving Iron holds the record at Trophy Nissan for one million in gross profit in four short days and Prestige Ford for 175 units sold in 5 days for a total gross of over half million dollars.

  • Has personally sold customers a vehicle and has worked every position in a dealership at one time or another. Including detail.

  • Helped opened up Texas markets for Hibernia National Bank (CAPONE)

  • Has helped build, contribute to and maintain over 300 automotive websites, blogs, and forums;

  • Founded the first ever automatic vehicle inventory posting system Inventory Blaster 

  • Trained several of the TOP car dealers in the country

  • Regular guest host on PRO AUTO TALK and the Go To Guy for CNN for Car Business Industry

  • Designed and built the first ever ARTIFICIAL RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM known as V.I.C. ( Virtual Intelligent Communicator). V.I.C. automatically follows-up on prospective clients.   (VIDEO)  

  • Speaker at several conventions including but not limited to NADA events and parties.

  • Founder of Radar Beacon an Auto Dealer Traffic Control & Positioning Software that has created several of the most successful new and used car sales campaigns in the industry. By using APDS ( Auto Predictor Database System ) Radar Beacon can create a list of who is in the market to buy a car in 90, 60, 30 days to immediately. 

  • Founder of the first time anyone paid someone to promote and suggest a product via Facebook was 100% done by Tom Stokes in the car business in 2005.

  • Created and produces 

  • Created and Produces Playbook for Success a High Impact Sales and Marketing Training Program used by several TOP dealerships nationwide

  • Was a Road Warrior for 7 consecutive years running his own team with movingiron

  • Partnered several dealerships with Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Was first to Develop Mailer combined with Video, Call Center, and Website ... started with 

  • Owner of exclusively for the automotive business