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Our True Team's primary purpose is that YOU, the visitor, finds what you need fast, easy and in the simplest path possible. You won’t see million dollar TV commercials or obnoxious radio ads pounding on you every few minutes. We won’t be dazzling you with the latest and greatest software programs to compare the car you’re looking for to other cars in your area to discover what others have paid...

“We personally guarantee we'll secure a lower price than any other” - True Team.

We’re not going to name any names, but TrueCar would be one of them. Who cares what other people paid for their auto. What matters is what you’re going to pay. We personally guarantee we'll secure a lower price than any other. It’s really simple actually – our True Dealers agree to sell you new and used vehicles at or most of the time, way below invoice. Plus you’ll get TOP dollar for your trade-in.  Best of all, it's absolutely FREE! Enjoy!! ... More

We're changing the way consumers buy and sell vehicles. Give us a try - you'll be glad you did.

Secret Prices are only available to customers who unlock them. These are lower prices that we've specially negotiated for new vehicles.


The Anderson Ford Secret Pricing is even lower than our special rate promotions, your Secret Price is discounted on top of our current and any other dealers current price.


To reveal your secret price simply log on to  and enter this code: AF2018411… Your secret price will only be good for 72 hours and only while supplies last so log on now and lock in the savings immediately! 

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