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The Twists and Turns of The Conspiracy Case Against Ezekiel Elliott, Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys Page 4

11/05/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  1  2  3  4    

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Roger Goodell is a habitual line stepper; Jerry Jones is NOT fighting Goodell, Goodell is fighting Jerry Jones. Ladies and Gentlemen you are witnessing the end of the NFL.

When Adrian Peterson’s appeal of a suspension to the Eighth Circuit was denied nobody was really surprised. Outside of Brady’s case being an NFL “internal” issue, Brown, Rice, Peterson cases were “outside” the league issues.

Everyone keeps quoting these cases but they fail to realize that all of them (Except maybe Brady) admitted their guilt. You cannot compare these cases or any case within the NFL like it to Elliott’s because and yes I sound like a broken record, there was never a charge nor a victim. Two things you really should have when you’re punishing someone for a crime they may or may not have committed. Just in case some victim rights person read this far down…


You: Okay, Tom we all know this so what’s your point?

Me: The point is Roger Goodell and the NFL rarely ever loses a case in court. ...but this time they will.

You: Well, we’re waiting!!!

Me: Okay, okay… Stay with me and hold on tight!

Goodell has the power to either sit as the arbitrator himself as he did in Deflategate, or unilaterally appoint one. The appointment of Henderson is particularly troubling for Elliott because Henderson is the president of the Player Care Foundation, a League-affiliated charity. Boy! Is that a shady deal. They do not do enough for retired NFL players and the whole "foundation" is a sham. More about that another time. 

He previously served for sixteen years as the NFL’s vice president (Hello) for labor relations and chairman of the NFL Management Council Executive Committee (Excuse me?). He also sided with the NFL in upholding Peterson’s suspension, which the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals later affirmed.

So what you have here is a conflict of interest really and I’m surprised no one has successfully argued that.

Allowing the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s designee to hear challenges to the Commissioner’s decisions presents an actual or apparent conflict of interest for the arbitrator. But the parties bargained for this procedure, and the Association consented to it. See CBA art. 46 § 2(a).

Now, why is this important? This was written in a way so if a player gets in trouble then Goodell can enforce the standards of article 46.  There’s only one problem with the Article. It doesn’t leave room for mistakes. The NFL errored when they took it upon themselves to be the Judge and Jury with Elliott because there was no evidence to prosecute. Therefore, the NFL must examine and determine if there was a violation or not. In the Zeke case, that’s what’s going on. 

The NFL supposedly is punishing Zeke on some other evidence. They have to be because why else would they drag his name through the mud worldwide. If there is more evidence they should come clean with it so that we can stop all this insanity.   

They don’t have any more evidence, do they? Well, remember the Blue Knight? It has come to our attention that the NFL may be ready to introduce more evidence to prove Zeke did commit DV. How is this even possible?

Oh, it’s possible alright. It’s real dirty shit going on behind closed doors and Zeke is caught up in the middle of it all. Why? Because it’s Jerry Jones that’s why and it’s the Dallas Cowboys. I really thought it would get settled after that “special meeting” in New York a few weeks ago. You know the one where Goodell awarded Dallas the Draft for 2018.

Goodell forgot one thing and probably let his guards down a little because it’s Jerry Jones. Jerry is one of the greatest businessmen alive today. He knows how to negotiate a deal like none other. I think we can all agree on that.  Jerry is going to knock Goodell off his throne soon, very soon. I think Goodell thought that Jerry was going to play ball and I am sure Jerry was very sincere when he said whatever he said to Goodell. But Goodell lied about the whole Zeke situation to Jerry's face and that's unforgivable but it's okay because in the end, Jerry got what he wanted for the city of Arlington and State of Texas. Jerry will continue to fight Goodell and my money is on Jerry for the win. 

Someday you will be standing at the crossroads wondering what to do. Do I go along with the flow of things knowing it’s not right or do I stand up for what is right and just?


It’s late Saturday night 11/4/17 someone just tweeted at me “Not with Goodell running the show” In response to me tweeting “It’s time to take our game back!”

There’s so many twists and turns around the Zeke case I could go on forever. So many people involved and so many people not willing to do what’s right. Jerry isn’t the bad guy here, it’s Goodell and his cronies. I probably won’t be invited to any NFL events after this ha ha picture of me and Goodell below. But sometimes you come to the crossroads and you have to do what’s right.

I’m moving things along in hopes to file an official grievance against the NFL for fraud, negligence and inflicting emotional distress on me as a customer of the NFL. I’m not going into details as I don’t want to “show my hand” you can, however, get more info if you join me below. I can tell you the grievance will be based on false premises and biased 'investigations'" in handing down punishment to Zeke Elliott and Goodell conspiring together within the league office to destroy the Dallas Cowboys season.

I’m sure there are a few Cowboy Nation fans that can relate to my grievance. The NFL has unfairly subjected Cowboys Nation fans to taunting and ridicule.

Further; I have personally suffered emotionally and financially during the reign of Goodell from this conspiracy to overthrow Cowboys season. From the emotional stress of having to endure the fights around the National Anthem to Zeke.  (Goodell left Jerry Jones out in the cold with Zeke and Anthem plus a few other things that I will disclose in the grievance)

Just for the record, I believe Jerry Jones handled the Anthem perfectly. Before and after is okay to protest but not during. (See Flag Code above on page 2)  Furthermore; I cannot watch and or enjoy a football game at a stadium anymore as the NFL has created a hostile environment by not being clear about what a player should or shouldn’t do in writing.


All Goodell did send a letter to team owners saying “like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem.” You make forty million dollars a year and that’s the best you can do around what a player should or shouldn’t do when it comes to the Anthem.


Again, complete disregard for the United States Constitution and the Code for the Flag. The NFL just makes up shit as they go, this is not what our founding football fathers Walter Camp, John Heisman, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Pop Warner, Fielding H. Yost, and George Halas had in mind I can promise you that.

Isn’t it funny that the NFL knows exactly what to do when it comes to Zeke but can’t take a stance around the National Anthem? 

This isn’t the end of this story, it’s just the beginning. Join me on the quest to taking back our game of American football, you can start by sharing this article with friends and family and/or;

Like I said above fighting Goodell, taking football back, and slapping the NFL will take a lot of my time away from family and projects that actually make me money.

If you would like to donate to the cause click here. $25.00 will get you a cool Sports+Plus T-shirt and help me continue the investigation.


My plans are to go spend a few days in Ohio interviewing a few key people on video. “Key People” that I have now talked to that is witnesses in the Zeke case.  I also have signed affidavits from witnesses and recorded phone calls that will help prove the conspiracy against Zeke, Jerry Jones, and the Dallas Cowboys. This isn’t my first rodeo click here to see how I brought new light on the Peyton Manning case.  

Click Here if you have any information that will help me in the Zeke Case

Thanks for your time

Go, Cowboys! And Go Cowboys Nation!

Hut Hut!

Tom Stokes 

You: Wait! Tom, is this everything?

Me: To be continued soon but I will leave you with this; I read an article yesterday that stated Jerry Jones is fighting Goodell for control this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jerry is fighting for past, present, future Zeke's, Football fans, and Football players worldwide.  Jerry isn’t fighting Goodell, Goodell is fighting Jerry. It really is a real-life Good vs Evil and it’s up to you, the fans to choose what side you’re on.

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