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Go Behind The Shield of the World's Most Dangerous Corporation, The NFL!

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What drives any great movie villain to do the terrible deeds that inevitably aid him/her in reaching the top?  Although every individual case is different, the motivating factor of achieving success as a villain is almost always greed. From Dallas, Canton, New York, Vegas and beyond!  This is a historically accurate account of how the NFL went from the beloved sport of football to a political correct controlled machine fueled by greed and personal gain! This is not one of those movies mixing fact with fiction, you will be amazed at the people willing to finally talk.  Run the routes with Tom Stokes behind the shield of The NFL and finally witness what no one else has before. 

From Tom Stokes 11/09/2017 

I will never forget having dinner with Kenny Stabler when he said to me Tom "Life is about staying out of 3rd and long" ( Photo)  what a simple yet very accurate statement.


The NFL is NOT the NFL I grew up watching, men battling every Sunday like The Snake did. Today's NFL is very PC and in its own way internally nefarious. Right now as I type this Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel (Zeke) Elliott is headed back to New York for yet another hearing. Henderson is carrying out orders from the Big Boss to wit; they have been planning this hit on Zeke for a long time. Visit: Twists and Turns of The Conspiracy Case Against Ezekiel Elliott


The NFL in 2017 with Roger Goodell at the helm and Harold R. Henderson taking orders is about as close as you can get to a real live mob story. They have assassinated many players careers over the years, some deserved,  some now I'm not so sure deserved.


The struggle for power is an essential element in most human relationships, including the one within the NFL between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. But, like most mifia organizations anybody who is under the slight suspicion of betraying the NFL or Goodell will be punished just like Jerry Jones. 

The illusion of power will be the recurring theme throughout the film. The Hero in this move is us, the football fans.  The villains are NFL groupies like Adam Schefter and ESPN. It's time that we the paying fan had some power of our own. 

Join me in the fight of taking back the American Game of Football. Send us your info (Form to right) for updates on the kickoff campaign. The best thing about this movie is YOU the football fan will participate. 


It really is a real-life Good vs Evil and it’s up to you, the fans to choose what side you’re on.

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Tom Stokes 


Executive Producer 

Preliminary Injustice

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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