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Increase your exposure and be part of Sports and Entertainment History.


Do you need more customers for your business? Do you want to brand your image? Solution: Have your business attached and highlighted on the fastest growing, number one, most followed, Sports and Entertainment show in Texas!!! Welcome to The Sports PLUS Network where we market you and/or your business via our multiple channels below...   To get started email us at


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LOUD Entertainment Co.

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13350 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 901
Dallas, TX 75240
310-461-5578 L.A.
214-482-9135 Dallas


Tom Stokes Founder and Co-Host 


Email us if you don't see your product.


We will blog, facebook, tweet and youtube our reviews 4 times a month.


If you want us to demo a product for reviews please send the product to:


Sports+PLUS Network


Dallas Studios 214-482-9135 

L.A. Studios  310-461-5578


Please email tracking # to


We do not charge for reviews. Please allow two weeks for video review.



Below channels owned by Sports+PLUS Network; 


1.Sports+PLUS Show  (Sports+Entertainment)


2.The Drew Pearson Show (limited) 

Starring the beloved Dallas Cowboy “The Original 88” Drew Pearson.



3.Pro Auto Talk –   (Automotive Talk Show)


4.Playbook For Success NEW! (Self Help)


5.LOUD Entertainment Group (TV/Movie/Events)



6.True Invoice (Automotive)








7. Pro Auto Jobs



COMING SOON! Glitter Trip (Makeup)


What do we review and give opinions on:




Cameras (Including video)





Food (Limited)

LIVE Concerts 

Music (Send a CD)

Movies (Send a DVD)



We will engage fans across several of our multimedia platforms (List above) creating a BUZZ, branding, and advertising you and/or your company socially to millions of followers. Allow us to separate you from any of your competitors with you spending little or NO money at all. See the below Marking Media Blitz Package. Let's Get Started TODAY!


As of 9/12/17, we have over 300,000 subscribers in our database that we reach out to twice a month via our own CRM.


Our Advertising Team will Design and Promote ads for you and your company


We will create a page exclusively for you on our website;


1 - 1X3 inch banners on websites

Sports & Entertainment NEWSletter email Blast (Blast to over 300,000 subscribers emails per month)

We will mention you and/or your product on all Twitter accounts 4  times for 30 days. Retweeted to a combined audience of over 500,000 followers


We will mention you and/or your product on all Facebook accounts 4 times for 30 days posted  to a combined audience of over 200,000 followers


We will produce a 1 -2 minute video mentioning you and/or your product on all youTUBE channels as well as promo this video on our media channels as well as a copy for you to use forever.


You will also be mentioned in our monthly media alerts

Package Value $5,250.00


EXTRA: We can have Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson interview you to promote your companies products and/or services with a professionally produced HD video.


Production and Talent Fees may vary contact us for details.

Tom Stokes, Producer