Beyond the Tweets of Ariane Bellamar How one Tweet almost Destroyed Jeremy Piven's Life.

11/21/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  & Brittany M. Spaniel 

This is Exhibit (D) 


11/21/2017  Tom Stokes 


In fear of retaliation from Ariane Bellamar and previous online bullying, the identity of the witness is protected. We will reveal the caller properly when we feel like there will be no repercussions from Ariane and/or her Husband Tanner and many of Ariane friends that help her bully people online. If you hear a skip here and there that's me editing to protect identity. Thanks! 


The above video is a recorded phone call from IDENTITY PROTECTED, a friend to Tanner Slaught's  parents. Tanner is the husband of Ariane Bellamar she is the one that created the false tweet against Jeremy Piven, and FOX News picked it up as it was real. FOX did no fact checking and just ran with the story because it fell in line with their narrative that week.


Ariane has recruited several other women to lie for her in an attempt to gain financially, get attention and ultimately destroy Jeremy Piven. 


Note: After the call, in my closing remarks I talked about being falsely accused over ten years ago. I forgot to mention I was exonerated of all charges. 





Phone call 1 of 7 with victims and  accusers