Jerry Jones is the only NFL team owner that has the Kahunas to take on other NFL team owners

Jerry Jones vs the NFL Et Al

The Fake Media keeps reporting that Jerry Jones is trying to get back at Roger Goodell for suspending Zeke Elliott. I think that's why Zeke withdrew his appeal basically Jerry said step aside and hold my beer.

So what is Jerry Jones fighting for? He's battling for a Better Transparency, Accountability and Justice within the NFL ... Why? Because the NFL needs a mental enema that's why. Not just about Zeke. There's a laundry list of problems within the NFL. You or WE as football fans everywhere, not just Cowboys Nation should be supporting him. Players need to be on board too.

Jerry requested a special league meeting with NFL owners to talk about commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension negotiations, but reportedly all team owners currently have no plans to act on the request.

Jerry' request was made to ownership in a letter to no avail.

In the letter, Jones wrote that the league "has undergone unprecedented upheaval in the last two years, including a significant decline in television ratings, increased advertiser discontent, high-profile litigation concerning player suspensions, and decreasing ticket sales. Seems pretty reasonable to request a meeting to organize the league a little better. Maybe refocus your efforts? Look at different ways to protect his investment.

You know the things that any sound businessman running a billion dollar football enterprise like the Dallas Cowboys would do. One problem, the NFL is not made up of sound businessmen who knows anything about running football business. It's made up of a bunch of whiny ass grumpy billionaires that had too much money to know what to do with so they bought an NFL teams to play with.

So they told Jerry Jones to go sit down and shut up we got this. Really? You got this huh! Okay, exactly how do you have this? How are you protecting Jerry's hard earned investment? Ratings in the tank, you're wishy-washy around the National Anthem, we know now that your disciplinary arbitration sucksass, you're still not paying all your taxes, Goodell's undeserving pay raise with perks, CTE (Breaking News about CTE) and many other issues but that's a good start.

Yet you tell the man that brought you fame and fortune and basically put you on the map in the 90's, a man that has done more for many retired players than the NFL itself, charity work, that built the most successful team franchise in the league with his bare hands. You tell that guy (Jerry Jones) to sit down and shut up?

Why because you put him in the Hall of Fame? Because you awarded him your overpriced "Draft Days" GTFOH ... What the hell is wrong with these people? Jerry should send back his Gold Jacket with a note saying " I'm returning this Gold Jacket until the NFL gets restored to the principles I know and love"

I tell you what's wrong. They have started believing their own bullshit. That's what happened. They became arrogant pricks and started running the NFL from their ego's with NO Heart. Jerry Jones has an ego but he runs the Dallas Cowboys from his HEART. The Heart always wins and Jerry has a big one. So unless the NFL wants egg in their arrogant face they best push egos to the side and come together as a team and figure shit out fast.

You don't think they are a bunch of ego nut cases running an 80 billion dollar company? Just look at what the PR person for the NFL wrote right after Zeke pulled the plug. Brian McCarthy @NFLprguy said on behalf of the NFL stated: "His decision speaks for itself." here's the interpretation "I told y'all Zeke was guilty AF" too many unanswered Q's I will keep moving my investigation forward.

NFL fighting with Jerry is the recipe for failure and they refuse to change the ingredients. I say let them fall and when the smoke clears maybe a new Football League will rise up from the ashes.


#JerryJones #EzekielElliott

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