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I Still Wanna Rock and Roll all Night and Party Everyday!!!! 40 plus years later..

Thursday, September 28, 2017 I Tom Stokes.

KISS 9/27/17 The Pavilion Toyota Music Factory A LIVE Nation Venue 
PhotoCredit: Tom Stokes,  Sports+Music

You know the old phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons figured out what worked years ago and rarely stray from the formula, why would they.  I mean what would they do a KISS acoustic show?


There was no opening band, at this point in their career if a band opens up for them it would be because Paul and Gene wanted them to open. Like here ya go, band, that no one has ever heard of, enjoy yourself we're KISS. 


The Toyota Music Factory went dark, the crowd doesn't hush it gets louder erupting into a few hell yeah  and let's rock. Right before the curtains came down you hear a voice of God: "You wanted the best, you got the best"  Paul speaks into the microphone and then the cannons fire... Boom! Boom! Boom! Down goes the  black curtain with just KISS logo in glitter. There they were once again in front of a screaming crowd. Young and old, all different colors, shapes, and sizes.


If The NFL isn't bringing people together, KISS sure is and in unity over rocking n  rolling all nite (and partying every day)... No one was protesting or bitching about anything. KISS has always ridden both sides pretty damn well. No, tonight was just fist pumping, head banging rock n roll for everyone. All for one and one for rock! 


They are very generous with their time too. Back a few years ago when I was working with Vince Neil and Motley was opening for KISS I reached out to the camp and connected dots so that a Make-A-Wish Child could get his wish to meet Gene Simmons. Within minutes I got a call from Doc stating to bring Timmy to the venue.

Fans go to shows to escape the madness for a couple hours.  Maybe to recapture some glory days or introduce the kids to KISS as I overheard an excited daddy tell his 10-year-old daughter "This is Daddy's Music you're gonna love it" 


Why is KISS still popular 40 plus years later? Yes, the songs the show all great but I think KISS is more like a family heirloom. They get passed down from generation to generation over and over. Personally, that's what I did. I would pick my now 31 year old up from school when he was 13 and the first thing he would do was dig around for a KISS CD



Gene sticking out his tongue and licking the neck of his bass brought back so many high school memories. All of us boys wanted a tongue that long because all the girls would go crazy for it. You may think that's weird these days but I looked around and saw no girl complaining, young and old. 

The show kicked off at 8PMish with the American Hard Rocking Song "Deuce" written by Gene in 1973. The song appeared on Kiss' eponymous 1974 debut album.  The song has been performed on almost every tour and has appeared on many KISS LIVE  and compilation albums. 


Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are all on the downhill side of 60 (Thayer and Singer are in their late fifties), and they stopped giving a Fuck about your negative opinions right after this review in 1974. 


Still, it’s funny how all these wannabe music journalists, rock critics, whatever they call themselves, want to give KISS one or two stars.


It seemed like the more the music critics bashed them, the more fans embraced them. I remember reading "If anyone goes to a KISS show for the music they don't know music ... on and on blah blah blah.


Gene and Paul still knocked the critics back with The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction.  But sure as I am typing this right now there is some 25-year old that was at that show typing something negative. Face it guys, it's the KISS ARMY and no one will ever defeat the Army. 


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The music is still simple, loud, and very crisp just like I remembered it and so will your kids.


Set List... 

  1. Rock and Roll
    (Led Zeppelin song) Intro Tape

  2. Deuce

  3. Shout It Out Loud

  4. Lick It Up (with "Won't Get Fooled Again"… more )

  5. I Love It Loud

  6. Love Gun

  7. Firehouse (Gene breathes fire)

  8. Shock Me

  9. Guitar Solo  (Tommy Thayer)

  10. Flaming Youth
    Bass Solo (Gene spits blood)

  11. God of Thunder

  12. Say Yeah

  13. War Machine

  14. Psycho Circus

  15. Black Diamond

  16. Rock and Roll All Nite

  17. Cold Gin

  18. Detroit Rock City

  19. God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey) Outro on Tape

So if you are reading this and haven't seen this KISS show yet, you better hurry because time's running out. The very last show is in my old stomping ground right outside New Orleans at The Gretna Heritage Festival. I encourage you to go and pass a good time sha. 




Highlights include an  of "Shout It Out Loud" and the KISS nod to disco "I was Made for Loving You", with the crowd finding voice and energy to mostly keep up with the band to the closing - and predictable -  confetti of "Rock and Roll All Nite". 


Paul Stanley has said several times he feels  the KISS could outlive its founding members, touring the world as an licensed entertainment show. It would be the greatest show on rock n roll earth.  If I'm still alive I  would go see the licensed KISS show with my grandkids and maybe their kids. I cannot ever see KISS just going away. It was pure marketing genius from Paul and Gene.  


The music is still simple, loud, and very crisp just like I remembered it and so will your kids.





VIDEO: As I was trying to beat the crowds by leaving early I heard them go into "Rock n Roll All Night and Party Everyday" So I got the ending on my IPhone - Sorry we are not allowed to shoot pro video in the venue. Being in the crowd of KISS fans is always a good time.


The Toyota Music Factory (A LIVE NATION VENUE) in Irving Texas is by far going to be a great place to hang out have dinner, a few drinks and enjoy a show. Although parts of the Pavilion is still under construction it was still easy in and easy out. I was parked and in the Pavilion within 20 minutes and that's after having to stand in line for media pass.

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