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Megyn Kelly & Gretchen Carlson love notes to Bill O’Reilly + That Time I Sexually Harassed a Gir

In an unusual but highly targeted hit piece on Bill O’Reilly and FOX Network, the NBC host Megyn Kelly used her morning show on Monday to denounce her former employer and colleagues. This mind you is the only network that would give her a chance.

Bill is having none of it and fired back immediately, fighting fire with fire. He took to his website not long after Kelly's Hit Piece aired LIVE on NBC's The Today Show .

Gretchen Carlson Love Notes to Bill O'Reilly from

Bill Responds to the NYT Hit Piece on Glenn Beck's Radio Program

Bill made a special appearance with Glenn Beck on The Blaze radio Monday morning to address accusations printed this past weekend in the New York Times. You can listen to it here on Bill's website

He also added Statement by Mark Fabiani on Behalf of Bill O'Reilly Relating to the New York Times Smear Piece. Read the statements from Mark Fabiani here.

I tweeted the above because all this she said he said crap reminds me of high school.

It's really silly, I’m sure there's some legit complaints out there and those people need to be spanked. I just don't believe Megyn Kelly or Gretchen Carlson. Especially after talking to people close to them when at FOX. They were both flirty and really worked in the gray area when it came to sexual harassment in the workplace.

If you look at the above notes from Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson you will see that they are flirting with Bill O'Reilly in the notes. Megyn signs her notes XOXO. I have been in business for 25 years and never received a note from a woman co-worker with XOXO. Why is this okay with people? Also, Greedy Gretchen signs her notes with a little heart. By the way Gretchen has a new book out she wants everybody to know about titled: “Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back” It’s about sexual harassment in the workplace. Now I know that’s not funny, nothing funny about sexual harassment in the workplace but after reading her love note to Bill I cracked up!

Also, Kelly never complained to HR about Bill and didn't send an email to her "bosses" until after Bill was suspended. Doesn't that seems a little odd? Oh, Okay, here we go. I can hear the comments now as I am writing this. You're going to tell me she was afraid right? hmmmm well I say bullshit. She was trying to advance her already failing career and now show. No really rating are so bad she had to do the hit piece on Bill on the Today Show Ha!

That time I sexually harassed a girl

I sexually harassed a girl at a Starbucks about ten years ago. She was so beautiful, and very classy. I approached her and looked her up and down and said "What's your story?"

We talked for a couple hours, I commented on how nice her ass looked walking away, she looked back and didn't say anything just shook her head and smiled. I have been saying "Nice Ass" for over ten years. We have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and a great relationship.

Hey guys just be yourself around women respectful but be yourself. Don’t let women like Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson throw you off your game.

Have a kickass life! Enjoy!


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