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Have You Connected the Dots in the Ezekiel Elliott Case Yet? Hookers, Corporate Espionage, Vegas, Ra

Zeke Elliott

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pay much attention to this sort of case. However, this is such a glaring example of executive overreach on the part of the NFL its impossible for it not to blow up in the Goodells face and I want us to be there when it does.

If Goodell was smart he would have settled the Zeke case at the league level. Why didn't he? Because he felt pressured by outside forces. What forces? The Media! How could the media influence one of the most powerful organizations on earth outside the Catholic Church? Simple… two words: RAY RICE!

Watch the below video from the Ray Rice scandal. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL "assumed" there was more to the Ray Rice video, but he had not seen it before.

Despite requests, they were unsuccessful in obtaining further evidence from police. Tap the brakes!!! So you’re telling me you couldn’t obtain further evidence from police after Ray admitted his guilt and took just a two-game suspension? GTFOH!! That means “Get the Fuck out of Here” A term used to express disbelief for those not keeping up with today’s urban acronyms.

I know for a fact he knew about that other video, two people confirmed it for me within the league. So this is old news, right? Who cares? Goodell cares (His Legacy) and he only cares about is how he made the league look after he screwed up the Ray Rice case. He was determined to get the Ezekiel Elliott case right. Only one problem NOT ENOUGH Evidence. But somehow it’s been leaked by league sources the NFL has more evidence to prosecute, they know more than the police and DA… Again! GTFOH!!

Yes, I know tomorrow is a labor law case. There’s one thing everyone is forgetting, there’s a line that gets neglected in legal battles and it was my favorite line when I was litigating my case against Intel Corp (I won just in case you were wondering) and my own case when I was falsely accused like Zeke…

Here it is:

“And such other relief as this Honorable Court may deem appropriate”

This is the catchall phrase that I would use routinely at the end of my grievances when asking for relief. Most lawyers add it without any thought. Why add such a generic phrase? Especially since the rules of the Courts provide that every pleading shall be simple, concise, and direct. If you think it’s there for the Judge to say; “Oh! Wait a minute! I think you forgot something, let me help you out”… you’re wrong! Ha! I crack myself up.

It’s used to tell the Judge “Hey if you don’t get it right we’re going to bring you to a higher Court” No lower Court Judge wants to go to a higher Court. In other words like in the Zeke case. Judge Failla ruled and Zeke’s team said Nah, we disagree so they bring that Judge's decision to her boss The 2nd Circuit of The United States of America.

It also leaves room to bring in the 5th and 14th Amendment of the USC into play. Maybe Zeke’s team amended the motion going forward to include that or maybe they are waiting to go to the boss's boss The Supreme Court of America. Right now it’s all about the labor law but that could change quickly, a good lawyer can spin that in somehow.

Yes, this case is that important. You think these Judges are siding with the NFL because they think the CBA NFL is right and doing Honorable things? If anything Zeke’s accuser should have been charged with making false police reports. But if "if" was a fifth we all be drunk ... so here we are again. Another day another motion. Zeke will miss practice Thursday to be at the hearing.

Look at the ruling from the lower Courts. The lower Court Judge was on the fence leaning to rule in Zeke’s favor and per my source “The Blue Knight” decided to rule against Zeke after a conference call? Really? Judges can be influenced too you know, although they are not supposed to be. More influenced by special interest groups like NCADV then the media. Take for example the mass shooting that just happened in the small Texas town east of San Antonio a few days ago.

Investigators are stating the mass shooting stemmed from Domestic Violence. Take mass shootings, add the fact the Goodell screwed up the Ray Rice case, coupled with all the Hollywood Sexual Assaults sprinkle in some Fake News spins from guys like Adam Schefter and you got yourself a Zeke case.

By the way speaking of Adam Schefter. Adam has…well, let’s call it an investment in Cowboys losses and leave it at that. I’m still investigating but we’ll talk more about Adam and his Vegas ties in a moment…

Adam isn’t alone in the quest to bring Elliott and The Cowboys down. There’s many other “Hit Piece” yellow journalist out there too like Jared Dubin. In his defense I did call him out on it (Click Here) and he did change the story to reflect the truth but again damage was done and yet another failed attempt to make Jerry Jones look like an idiot. #FakeNews

If you’re thinking it seems like the media is always after Jerry - you’re right they are. Why? Would take too long to explain in full but just know that Jerry Jones may be a ruthless killing machine when it comes to business but deep inside he’s a very compassionate man. I witnessed this firsthand when I was handling Michael Irvin back in the day.

Jerry loves Michael like a son. I witnessed it when I worked with Marc Colombo and his knee injury from Chicago. I could go on and on bottom line, Jerry doesn’t judge you about your past He only cares about your future and his brands future. Because of the love Jerry shows to players, players like Pacman Jones etc. the media and NFL is always going to be shooting at him and the Cowboys so get used to it. When will they stop? Never! It may slow down when Cowboys win a super bowl but they will never stop hating on Jerry Jones. He knows that and it doesn’t bother him and it sure in the hell shouldn’t bother you.

It all adds up to the NFL and Goodell enforcing something that’s not there and making Zeke look guilty in the public’s eye because, let’s face it, the risk of the NFL being WRONG is lurking.

Hey NFL, Roger Goodell, and Harold Henderson if you think that you’re going to just “make an example” out of Zeke you’ve got another thing coming. Ahhh that reminds me - Hey, Metal Fans Judas Priest will be LIVE @ The Bomb Factor Saturday, April 28, 2018, 8:00 PM with Saxon and Black Star Riders GET TICKETS NOW!!!. Sorry, product placement– it pays the bills.


Remember according to the CBA you’re guilty if Roger Goodell just thinks you’re guilty. GTFOH!

The media and NFL official’s statements are basically: “Well, he’s guilty of something” No, really they have actually said this to a certain degree. What the fuck does that even mean? So Zeke did “Something” “Somewhere” with “Somebody” so even though there’s zero evidence in this case you’re going to prosecute him for something that you think Zeke probably, maybe did or will do eventually? GTFOH!

Like me go Stephen A on you Goodell “You got unmitigated gall” to move a case forward to try and prosecute Zeke without any evidence? Yes! Why? That’s what everyone keeps wanting to know is why, why. Why… Outside pressure from Media and Special Interest Groups is one thing but what else???

Here’s what else; MONEY! That seems a little vague doesn’t it?

No one’s going to like this (I can feel the eyes rolling) but the fact is this case is a conspiracy against Zeke, Jerry Jones, and the Dallas Cowboys. If Zeke doesn’t play odds in Vegas go crazy if he does play odds go crazy! Yes, the man is that good to sway points in a spread. Everyone has a connection somewhere to Vegas and gambling. Go back to Adam Schefter.

He has very close ties to gambling apps like fanduel. Don't you think Adam Schefter has a hidden agenda why he spins out fake news about Zeke on game day? Please, if you don’t think this is a conspiracy then call me because I have a bridge I want to sell you. That should be the title of this article. “I have a bridge I want to sell you if you think Zeke is Guilty!”

This whole Zeke case is ugly and messy and has really nothing to do with Zeke. It could have been any player accused. Goodell has an agenda, Vegas when they thought Zeke wasn’t going to play several times has an agenda, the media has their agenda the list is long ad infinitum. Goodell is stuck now trying to “Get it right” trying to make the league appear loving and compassionate for all to embrace.

NFL Commish Pete Rozelle smoking

For Pete’s Sake (Pete Rozelle) why don’t we all just hold fucking hands and sing Kumbaya before each game before the protest and right after the Anthem maybe we can throw out flowers on the field before the first down.

Soon Zeke’s landmark court case will be studied because of the historical and legal significance. It will have a lasting effect on the application of certain laws and will enhance and protect a player’s individual rights, liberties and such other relief as the Honorable Court may deem appropriate. One thing for certain… during the renegotiations of the CBA in 2020 the NFLPA will get it right and if the NFL doesn’t play ball (haha okay that was uncalled for) then it will lead to the biggest lockout the NFL has ever witnessed. All thanks to Goodell and his ego. Somewhere James "Jim" Foster is laughing his ass off!

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