Dallas Cowboys take a Knee before Anthem and then stood tall locked in arms for the Anthem.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Not so fast Cowboys Nation Read this before you start yelling boycott the Cowboys...





VIDEO: HOF owner joined his players taking a knee before the anthem, then standing and interlocking arms. Sports+PLUS 


Earlier Monday the Cowboys were discussing how to make “a statement of unity” for the Monday night National stage game.  They did so by locking arms as a team, along with the Jones family, and took a knee for a brief moment to PRAY before the National Anthem. The entire team and the Jones’ then stood and walked back to the sideline and locked arms during the anthem. 


“The reason I’m particularly proud of this team is because we all agreed that our players wanted to make a statement about unity and wanted to make a statement about equality,” Jones said. “It was really easy for everyone in our organization to see that the message of unity and the message of equality was getting pushed aside and diminished by the controversy,” Jones said.


You know what's wrong with this? Nothing!


Look, I don't have a problem with taking a knee for prayer or even taking a knee to protest. I do however have a BIG problem with taking a knee to protest our National Anthem. To me and I repeat to me that's just about anti american as you can get. No way I could work with our veterans and feel Honorable. 


Well played Jones Family and Cowboys. It was a classy move both actions Honored their perspective causes. 


What's your thoughts? Do you think it was the right way to approach the issue? 


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