Jerry Jones is our Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack, Roger Goodell is Ted Knight, the NFL is Bushwood! 

11/12/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  

“Look at that one. The last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.” - Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack Movie.  

Jerry is like Rodney Dangerfield’s character in Caddyshack, Mr. Al Czervik, and Roger Goodell is Judge Elihu Smails…  Oh, how I miss Rodney Dangerfield and someday you’re going to miss the hell out of Jerry Jones but I’m hoping he lives to be 120 years old but if not at least his stamp on making the NFL what it is today will live forever.  

Jerry just got tired of being pushed around in the billionaire club. These other team owners never thought Jerry was like them and how quickly some NFL fans, Goodell and the NFL Mafia forget Jerry helped push the NFL to stardom in the 90’s. 

All these team owners in the Billionaire club made their money elsewhere and bought a franchise team for shits and giggles. Jerry, on the other hand, pushed all in with Mrs. Gene and gambled on the Cowboys and won. Out of all the teams and team owners, even the NFL itself can’t even come close to producing what Jerry Jones has created with the Dallas Cowboys franchise.  

Why anyone would fight Jerry is beyond me. The man is a genius when it comes to football business.  Might be because he’s an outsider just like Al Czervik was in Caddyshack, who knows. I do know one thing... the NFL just wants Jerry Jones to go away… but it isn’t happening kids. Again, you will have to pry Jerry's NFL card from his dead hands and then we can only hope that Stephen Jones will carry the torch but it would never be like Jerry,

So here’s another Hit Piece” from CBS by Jason La Canfora telling everyone that Jerry Jones is losing credibility, influence with owners over recent tirades. Fake News and probably the same people in the NFL that told CBS to spin out the “Hit Piece” from by Jared Dubin on David Ja Rodd Irving and of course CBS’ Zeke Elliott condemnation.

Don’t forget to read how to spot Fake News in the Sports World This lunatics article fails the test on all levels.

CBS in Dallas is supposed to be the Home of The Dallas Cowboys “Official Station of Cowboys Football” I hope Jerry takes in consideration all the unnecessary Fake News bullshit the CBS writers are spinning out when it’s time for contract renewals.

This crackhead Jason La Canfora claims ”unnamed sources from the Washington Redskins beat writer” ??? GTFOH… My unnamed source from Federal Court holds more depth and weight.  This guy is smoking some serious shit if he wants me to believe that his story is true and accurate because a fucking redskins beat writer confirmed it. But okay here we go, maybe it's true, maybe not but let's run with it lol Just like the failing ESPN had Adam Schefter said Zeke was trying to settle with the NFL… Adam Schefter claim was debunked by Attorney Amy Dash and myself minutes after he tweeted it.  

Yes, Jerry Jones repeated his threat of suing the NFL to disrupt the compensation committee to extend Goodell’s contract, increasing a nasty battle among some of the most powerful owners within the most dangerous corporation in the country the NFL. You may be a Falcons or an Eagles fan if you think Jerry Jones is going to stand on the sidelines and just watch Goodell and his mob have their way with the league around anything from handing down punishment to Zeke Elliott to telling Jerry Jones what he can or can’t do with his team around the Anthem.

The Fake media and some lame Eagle fans on twitter with 10 followers are attacking Jerry Jones saying “Why is Jerry going after Goodell now but was very supportive of the punishment to Tom Brady during Deflategate”  

First of all, this actually reinforces how lame Kraft was backing down in Deflategate fiasco. He was a pussy and didn’t want to even fight the loss of a first round pick, allegedly expecting Goodell to back off Brady, which of course did not happen. Kraft didn’t have the balls to stand up to NFL or Goodell so New England fans actually took matters in their own hands and a group sued the NFL and Goodell trying to get their first round pick back.  Patriots Fans Sue NFL​

People are also freaking out the Jerry Jones hired David Boies, the high-profile lawyer under fire in the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case. This is the first time Boies danced with Jerry Jones but he’s been to the party before with NFL. So the Fake Media is spinning that out is using the Weinstein connection for click bait and you, of course, are biting.

All eyes will be watching Kansas City Chiefs player Roy Miller’s plea to the NFL stemming from his arrest in Florida for domestic battery. Details are sketchy but I’m curious to see if he’s found guilty what Goodell will do. The NFL should have already suspended Roy Miller based on the lack of evidence in the Zeke case and if they don’t then you should have no reason to believe the NFL is handing out fair and just punishment to players. I will prove that the NFL sought to destroy Zeke and the Cowboys and that it was a conspiracy while I produce Preliminary Injustice, the movie.


I agree with Jerry, Goodell is overpaid BIG TIME. The guy makes roughly $750,000 a week. Plus according to "Sources" at "ESPN" the new deal Jerry is fighting gives Goodell lifetime use to the NFL private jet and lifetime health insurance for him and his family amongst other great lifetime perks. Just keep that in mind people that's watching the Eagle's play today that can't afford Health Insurance. 

Maybe it’s time to set up The NFL Hearing Board too, a committee of representatives from the team's, fans, and NFL staff members who hear disciplinary cases. The hearing board could be authorized to determine whether a player and/or a player’s team has violated the NFL Team Code of Conduct and to recommend sanctions and from there maybe recommend further investigations.

This disciplinary problem within the NFL is going to have to change moving forward and I’m sure in 2020 it will be addressed. If not we run the risk of losing the NFL altogether. That may not be a bad idea.  It's really insane what Goodell has created within the NFL for himself and the "Boys Club of Billionaires". The whole NFL from top to bottom is out of control and until someone does something about it (Insert Jerry Jones) Goodell and the NFL Mafia stand to make even more. From the billions and billions of dollars to over correction to players like Zeke... 


Look, if I was an Eagles fan (Thank God I’m not) I would feel the same way about Goodell. Maybe that’s what Jerry will do. Maybe Jerry will go all rogue and develop something else besides the NFL to compete with the NFL and play each other’s teams, that would be awesome.


To all the fans from other teams (Yes, even Eagle fans) you need to get behind Jerry Jones and support his efforts because, like it or not, as the NFL tags him as just another crazy Al Davis, he is the one that's fighting for what's right. He has broken camp and now is standing up to the bully - The NFL!