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NFL Conspiracy against Zeke Elliott, Jerry Jones, and The Dallas Cowboys Continue... Zeke gets Railroaded,  Roger Goodell lies to Jerry Jones 

11/10/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  

Websters Definition of Conspiracy;  the act of conspiring together.   


By now if you do not think this is a conspiracy to overthrow Jerry Jones and Cowboys you're living in a dreamland. Don't believe me? Okay well then stop reading this and go hang out with Dale Hansen or George Dunham. While you're at it leave your Cowboys Nation membership card in the trash on the way out! 

Let me get this out of the way first. Yes, McClyde you were right. I was wrong and gambled on the fact that the 2nd would actually do the right thing and grant relief. I would have never thought the corruption ran that high up and boy was I wrong. I will go to my grave believing both Courts erred not granting Preliminary Injunction. From here via testimony from witnesses sure looks like they are conspiring with the NFL to take Zeke out, payback for Jerry slapping Goodell around after he lied to Jerry.  I am not wrong about my convo with an old friend that works in the Clerk’s office. You know where and who I studied law with.  Hope you’re happy and Cheers!

Listen to The Audio from Zeke Elliott’s Oral Argument from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal from Preliminary Injustice Movie

Also, before I forget, to all NFL players, if you sign a contract after witnessing what just happened with Zeke’s case don’t yell foul to your fans. We will have the biggest lockout of the NFL in 2020 and the guy that caused it will be on a beach somewhere laughing while he spends part of Jerry Jones money. 


Now you know and if you’re not sure ask a lawyer outside your camp. Not your agent or lawyer close to you, someone on the outside. I recommend Amy Dash or Daniel Wallach by the time this case is over both will be experts in Collective Bargaining Agreements haha! 


This case is far from over and will get even crazier as we go. You ain't seen nothing yet! Goodell told Jerry Jones months ago Zeke wasn’t going to be suspended and that was a lie. I hope Jerry shoves Goodells 200 million dollar contract right up his ass. Do you think Jerry and Arthur Blank just started arguing? Not a chance in hell! We are just finding out about it all with the team owner leaked documents to ESPN if you believe ESPN and if you believe they were leaked. 


Goodell lied to Jerry, Jerry confronted him about it and Goodell with great pressure from outside influences like special interest groups, coupled with NFL team owners moved Zeke's case forward anyway.

Meanwhile, an attorney for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said NFL owners are being misled about negotiations on a contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell, according to a letter that was sent to the league's counsel and shared with team owners and executives.

Goodell has the majority of the panel for his contract extension without Jerry.  Jerry travels to New York, reminds Goodell he lied and comes back with the 2018 Draft for AT&T Stadium.  Jerry takes the future earnings from NFL draft days, hires an attorney to sue the league using Goodell's money he’s advanced for AT&T. Not sure it really went down like that but I hope it did.


Refer to  previous articles Preliminary Injustice Part 1  or Preliminary Injustice Part 2.


In some weird way Goodell thought him and Jerry were okay after awarding AT&T Stadium the Draft...Wrong!  Can’t wait to see how Dallas welcomes Goodell to the podium.

The NFL is starting to paint a bigger broader picture that Jerry's, even more, crazier than Al Davis. They want him out. But if Jerry's out who runs the team? They will have to pry Jerry's voting rights from his cold dead hands. He is a fighter and he's actually the good guy not the villain like the media is trying to spin out. Of course it's Cowboys Nation vs The World as always. 

What a bizarre ending to Zeke’s hearing. No it didn’t go as we all hoped, especially me. From the lower Courts bullshit decision to now the 2nd Circuit’s holier than thou attitude, Zeke’s suspension back in play.

I have listened to the audio from the hearing several times trying to make sense of it all. The first argument from NFLPA is the NFL refusing the testimony by Kia Roberts (the only one who interviewed Tiffany Thompson) to this day no one has ever said why Goodell didn't allow her to testify only that he "Knew" about it. Sound fishy to you?  It didn’t go well and the Judge sounded like he was lost. Just FYI The NFL just threw out a DV case on Jarvis Landry for... wait for it! Lack of fucking evidence. Unbelievable right?  Not really, not when you are conspiring with Judges, Lawyers, owners, and the media to bring down one of the most power men in the league... Jerry Jones. 

Towards the end, the NFLPA argues they're seeking “just” another arbitration hearing. I find this strange. Why ask for another arbitration unless there’s new evidence or unless Goodell has that power and refuses. I didn’t see where the CBA allows him to do that but maybe it does.  I think another hearing within the NFL would start this process all over again. NFL also stated that Zeke is being punished for 2 of 5 offenses, this I Find pretty intriguing and the first I heard of five offenses. hmmm! 

I still believe that the 14th amendment due process would have been a better argument of course I'm the only one in the world that believes that. Even a lawyer friend told me NOPE not gonna happen. 


If companies are people under “corporate personhood” and recognized under federal law as a person, afforded the same federal protection as a person, then why wouldn’t that person working for the company be protected under the same rights as the company? I'm still researching this and reading way too much case law. I'm not a lawyer but it does fascinate me and I realize now at 50 years old I should have finished school. Get an education kids - Thank God all my 4 kids are smart and very well educated. 

Speaking of  “corporate personhood” and all the benefits of protection under the 14th amendment. The NFL falls into that category. They have somehow by magic avoided paying corporate taxes since 1942 until 2015.   “Huh, is the NFL really tax-exempt? How is that?”  It's still a mystery to this day how it was allowed to happen. Almost as big of a mystery as how the NFL pursued this case against Zeke. Still Wondering how NFL could influence a Federal Court? 


The teams always paid but the league as a whole got away without paying billions. The National Football League, like other sports leagues, is a major money-maker. Every year, the NFL pulls in somewhere close to $10 BILLION. The League’s goal is to make $25 BILLION a year by 2027

Yes, there's a point to all this just follow along if you can but if you get bored click here and take a break. 

While Goodell may have given up the NFL's tax-exempt status a few years ago, it's been well-documented that billions of taxpayer dollars (THIS MEANS YOU NFL FAN)  continue to subsidize the construction and renovation of professional sports stadiums. 

So you're still doubting a conspiracy? You still think there's no way the NFL can't influence a federal Judge or the media? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Federal Judges are people too here's one that was arrested and had to step down from the bench after being found guilty of ... Domestic Violence of all damn things. --  Here's another Judge arrested in New York last year


Do you know how much a federal judge makes per year? As of 2015, federal district judges are paid $201,100 a year, circuit judges $213,300, Associate Justices of the Supreme Court $246,800 and the Chief Justice of the United States $258,100. All were permitted to earn a maximum of an additional $21,000 a year for teaching.

So let’s give them a raise in 2017 and say they make around 300k per year okay, okay!

The average NFL franchise is now valued at $2.3 billion according the latest valuations released by, a 22% increase over a year ago and a 64% from 2014. Overall, that means the 32 NFL franchises have a combined value of $74.8 billion.

Let’s give them a little raise too, say the league is worth $80 Billion that we know of since it’s a privately held company who knows really. In case you were wondering Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys is worth about $5.2 billion. ... The Cowboys is the most successful franchise in the NFL.

To put the NFL's net worth in perspective, Intel the computer chip company is worth $50 Billion. So basically the NFL’s net worth is greater than the people that invented computers. Let that sink in a minute. 

That's a lot of influence in New York where the NFL headquarters are located in the same area as the Federal Court that Zeke just got railroaded in where all the lawyers for the NFL live right down the street from ESPN studios where Adam Schefter stated that Zeke was trying to "Cut a deal" with NFL, where the lower Court Judge should have recused herself, where three special interest groups reside for domestic violence  ... The list of conspirators around this is very long.


I have a lot of information about this Conspiracy from witnesses and will be traveling around to do interviews in dark rooms with blurry faces. This all makes for a great movie titled  Preliminary Injustice I will keep you updated as we produce it all. 


I will leave you with what Zeke's dad tweeted back in September 2016;

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