Finding the Truth Beyond the Tweets of Ariane Bellamar Continued... 

11/20/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  & Brittany M. Spaniel 

Listen, people, false sexual assault accusations exist, and they are a real serious problem. Don't you think it can happen? It happened to me, Zeke it happened to Peyton Manning, It’s happening to Jeremy Piven right now. 


Very few topics are more fraught than that of false sexual assault allegations, and if you even try to question it as I did with Ariane Bellamar you're labeled a victim shamer. One of the many reasons why no one in MSM is investigating the TRUTH! 


As I stated in the Zeke Elliott appeals stories and same applies here. To victim shame, you must have a victim. The victim, in this case, is Jeremy Piven


I have been around the entertainment business my entire life from hanging with movie stars, pro athletes, TV stars and rock stars. I worked with them on a pro level and hung out with them on a non-pro level. I am telling you all this not to brag just so that you know I've been there done that.


So what are Ariane Bellamar motives for lying about Jeremy? It's pretty dark but some of it has to do with the same reason she lied about Leto... Revenge. I have a hunch if her scenes would NOT have been cut you probably would have never heard about a Leto story.

Does anyone remember Conor Oberst Rape Accuser that Issued the Public Apology??? No! Why? He was a victim.   



"The statements I made and repeated online and elsewhere over the past six months accusing Conor Oberst of raping me are 100% false."

There are many more cases like Oberst, Peyton, Zekes, mine, and Pivens, but you won’t hear about them because they don’t quite fit the mainstreams media narrative. 

I talked to my girlfriend about this because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t off base and I honestly wanted to get a woman’s point of view.  We have been together for over ten years and parents to a beautiful eight-year-old little girl named Parker Regan Stokes. Brittany, for the first time, is going to share a story in public form and she was a bit nervous. I am very proud of her for doing so… 



Brittany M. Spaniel 





Over the past few months, it is difficult to open social media or just tune into the news without hearing about someone’s sexual misconduct. I am a person who tends to keep my head down, don’t ruffle any feathers and proceed with my own business. With the news feeds and social media filled with sexual misconduct and women after women coming out accusing men of detrimental misdeeds, I can no longer keep silent.


I am tired of the few attention seeking women giving all women a bad name making us look weak and desperate. For this article, I will be using my own life and my personal experiences. I am a very guarded individual only sharing my thoughts feeling and experiences with my closest people.


This is very difficult to talk about much less share with people I don’t know. The point of this article is to hopefully have people look at these three severe allegations of sexual misconduct from a different point of view a neutral point of view.



Brittany and Tom 

A sick and twisted Ariane Bellamar lies about having cancer and vicious assault...  

Ariane Bellamar calls Van Jones a House N****R!! How anyone can trust her word is beyond comprehension. 

Bellamar claims to have been hospitalized due to valet spitting on her, again playing the victim #Patterns

Desperate,  Ariane Bellamar lies to producers several times to hide her XXX past. 

Jared Leto was Lucky that his false report came before Harvey Weinstein shit hit the fan ... Piven not so lucky. 

Former Labor Secretary Pick Sues Ariane Bellamar for defamation for making several false and defamatory statements...

 10/18/2017  Brittany M. Spaniel and Parker Reagan Stokes 

12/29/2017 UPDATES: Listen to Phone Calls from Ariane's Mom, Read Statements from Witnesses, LAPD reports to Detectives, Court Orders to shut her twitter down, how Twitter and HBO is protecting her and connect the dots how Ariane Ballamar recruited others in hopes to make a quick buck exploiting #MeToo . .. Continue