Finding the Truth Beyond the Tweets of Ariane Bellamar Continued... 

11/20/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  & Brittany M. Spaniel 

#MeToo from Brittany Spaniel


There are real victims, there are self-inflicted victims, and then there are those who claim to be victims but are looking for fame and possibly monetary gains.


Let’s talk about the real victims first. They are the women who are sexually abused or sexually miss treated at no fault of their own.


They were merely going through their healthy life and unfortunately found themselves sexually assaulted.  Yes, I too fall into this category. I am a victim. I am not proud of it. I don’t talk about it, but today I break the silence. 


Just out of high school as I was going to college while working trying to find my way in life and I was sexually assaulted. He intended to rape me. I was working as an apartment manager in my hometown. First thing in the morning a young man in his 20’s walked up to my office looking for an apartment after he worked a night shift on his way home looking for a place to live closer to his job. The first impression he was kind and well-mannered young man.


I finished showing him the apartment, answered his questions and turned my back for one quick second to lock the door.


As I was closing the door, he grabbed from behind putting his arms on my chest grabbing my breasts pushing his body close to mine he forced me into the apartment. He held me with one arm while attempting to unbuckle his belt with the other telling me how much I would enjoy this and to not make this difficult.


It all happened so fast. I froze in shock for a moment, but then I fought. I fought for my life.


I struggled to get away as I finally managed to gain my freedom doing all I possibly could fighting, punching and clawing him doing anything and everything to get away. As I was Running and screaming for help he grabbed the back of my shirt, but I didn’t give up hearing my shirt rip I continued to fight running, stumbling on a step and twisting my ankle I kept running refusing to give up until I found safety.


I don’t remember who called the police if it was the central office or me but I remember waiting for what seemed like an eternity for them to show up. When the cops showed, I told them what happened. The officer took his notes, asked questions and made a report. For evidence, he took pictures of my torn shirt, my bleeding hand and a scrape on my arm.


With my experience reading the stories from other women I am completely dumbfounded when I hear they didn’t call the police.  These women claim to be too scared to call the police or tell anyone because they were worried about what not making it in Hollywood?


I was scared, I was trembling, and I was sick to my stomach to the point of thinking I was going to vomit, but I managed to get the police involved. Why did I get the police involved? It was important to me because I wanted this guy caught so he would have to answer for his actions, I wanted justice, and I wanted to prevent this from happening to another woman.


Another type of victim is a self-inflicted victim. One who knowingly puts herself in a dangerous situation and then blames the man when things go differently from what she planned. Yes, I too am a self-inflicted victim. I knowingly put myself into many dangerous situations and guess what they all didn’t turn out ok.


A personal example of a self-inflicted victim is when I went to a bar to meet a girlfriend. Seems innocent enough, right?


As I was waiting for my friend to arrive these two guys in their mid to late 20’s took a seat next to me and ordered their drinks.


They began to make small talk with me and offered to buy a drink. I get a message from my friend that she is stuck in traffic and going to be late. So, I keep talking to these guys. They eat their dinner and finish their drinks and get ready to leave.


They tell me they are going to this club just three doors down and suggest that I come with them and my girlfriend can meet us there. I decline at first then I text my girlfriend and tell her to meet me there thinking what the hell she will be here soon. We get to this club, order some drinks, and that is the last thing I remember until I woke up in their hotel room the next morning. Therefore, I call it a self-inflicted victim because I knowingly put myself in a situation knowing it was not the right thing to do knowing I shouldn’t go to a different place with these guys I don’t know at all. No, what happened is not right, but I knowingly and willingly put myself into that situation and have to live with my consequences.


If you compare this to my first example where I am a victim, you will find significant differences. My actions in this second case are what lead me to be the victim which I inflicted on myself. I never called the cops because I put myself in this horrible situation. I merely gathered my things and left as they were sleeping. My intention for that night was to meet up with my girlfriend, meet some new people, have a good time and go home not to end up in a strange hotel room with guys I don’t know, not knowing how I got there. 


What else is different here? Alcohol. Now I am not saying it is wrong to drink. However, alcohol affects your judgment.


I don't have a problem with the real victim but the self-inflicted victim that's the one I would question. I have looked at all the evidence that Tom has collected over the last three weeks, and all I can say is I agree. Jeremy Piven is the victim.


If a woman claims that she was worried about her career over getting the police involved or at the very least going to HR she needs to reevaluate her morals and values as a woman and take a hard look at her priorities.


For her to wait till weeks, months and even years later should be a sign that there is something gravely wrong with her judgment and the way she lives her life. Especially if she starts tweeting about it out of nowhere and in anger. Then starts tagging news outlets claiming she has evidence and produces no evidence, no police reports, no HR reports not even a witness besides a husband that was sued by his father.


Why is it so crucial for these women to share their story? For attention or monetary gains would be my guess. Maybe it's because they feel left out of #MeToo and the instant gratification they get when someone says ... you poor thing.


Because somehow attention and money can magically make you better? Ha, I pity the fool that thinks this will make it all better. It won’t. It takes deep self-reflection and the realization of your poor decisions with a commitment to making the necessary changes to avoid those situations and with a willingness to forgive yourself.


Why else are they sharing their story? To prevent other women from suffering their same fate? No. If they genuinely want to help other women, they would have filed a report with the police. If they genuinely wanted to help other women, they would share their story and what they could have done differently to prevent this from happening.


Over the last ten years, I have been around numerous celebrities and rock stars. Never once have I had an unwelcome advance because I am cautious how I present myself. We were able to talk laugh and joke around, and they were perfect gentlemen. Thank you, Robert Mason, of Warrant.



Brittany Spaniel 


Brittany and Tom 

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