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Partnering with The Most Successful Sports Franchise in The World

10/06/2021 I  Tommy R Stokes    1 of 2 

One would assume that establishing a partnership between your company and the world's most valuable sports franchise* would be an unattainable goal, unless your company is a Fortune 500 enterprise with an exemplary A+ Dun & Bradstreet rating.

Recently, I received a request from a client who expressed interest in organizing a series of events featuring Dallas Cowboys Players. I have previously coordinated events with them, specifically with Drew Pearson for their annual gatherings at AT&T Stadium.

In response, I suggested to my client that they consider a direct partnership with the Dallas Cowboys. Although my client initially chuckled and dismissed the idea, stating that they were not a Fortune 500 company, I further engaged in a discussion and managed to convince them to authorize me to contact the Cowboys on their behalf to explore potential opportunities.

During my exploration, I discovered that many small business owners harbor similar apprehensions when it comes to advertising with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys themselves refer to it as "partnering," emphasizing their perspective and the palpable sense of collaboration that permeates the experience. The department responsible for advertising initiatives goes by the name of Corporate Partnerships, led by individuals such as Jane Doe, Corporate Partnership Sales.

While I cannot claim to be intimately acquainted with Jerry Jones, I have had occasional interactions with him over the years through my involvement with notable figures in the football world, including Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Drew Pearson, among others. I have always held a deep respect and admiration for the Jones family and their remarkable achievements. I have personally witnessed Jerry's unwavering dedication to the Cowboys, extending his support not only to current players but also to those who have left a lasting legacy.

However, above all, Mr. Jones is an exceptional businessman, someone I hold in high regard. In my professional journey, there are few individuals I look up to in the business realm. Foremost among them are Lee Iacocca, who orchestrated an incredible revival at Chrysler, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and Gene Simmons of KISS. I have been fortunate enough to work in proximity to all three of these remarkable individuals.

In all my business dealings, the Cowboys have consistently treated me more than fairly. Whether it was granting Drew Pearson and me the opportunity to produce segments for the Drew Pearson Show at AT&T Stadium or signing memorabilia for charitable events, the Jones family has never outright rejected my requests. They have always found a way to accommodate and make things work.

In my pursuit of partnership possibilities, I reached out to Mrs. Charlotte Anderson Jones, already anticipating the response I would receive. As expected, Mrs. Jones assured me that someone would contact me regarding potential partnerships with local businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

True to her word, the following day, I received a phone call. I explained the position of my client, and I was immediately met with a resounding "Yes," expressing the Cowboys' willingness to assist. Following a series of subsequent phone calls and email exchanges, we confirmed a meeting with the Dallas Cowboys at their state-of-the-art facility, The Star, located in Frisco, Texas.


Upon arrival at The Star, you are greeted by top-notch security personnel. The experience resembles that of a refined doorman at a luxurious five-star hotel, yet it is apparent that security is paramount, as evidenced by their discreet earpiece resembling a radio headphone.

As part of the security protocol, they scan your identification upon entry, a measure that may initially seem excessive. However, in a world where caution is of utmost importance, it serves as a reminder of the genuine commitment to safety at this esteemed venue. After scanning my ID, the security personnel looked up and informed me, "Yes, Mr. Stokes, Mrs. _______ will be with you shortly  Keep Reading.


Tommy Ray Stokes and Cowboys Legend The Original 88 Drew Pearson HOF 21 

One Cowboys Way at The Star in Frisco Texas. HQ for The 5 time world Champion Dallas Cowboys. 

10/3/2021 Meeting with business owners for future partnership with The Dallas Cowboys  at HQ at The Star. 

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