Post Malone SOLD OUT Show at Bomb Factory in Dallas Texas, 'Rockstar' Stays #1 Worldwide on Billboard...

Tom Stokes I Sports+Music I Oct. 25th 2017 Bomb Factory, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas USA

The weather was a little cool if you had to stand in line for hours to see Post Malone's Stony Tour 2017 with Smokepurpp & Yung Pinch.  I didn't hear anyone complain as I shot the live video below. The line zig-zagged and stretched all through Deep Ellum. (See below video)


Post Malone returned home after becoming a global phenomenon to The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum  to thousands of grateful, screaming, beer drinking, smoke 'em if you got 'em fans.  


Tom Stokes, Sports+Music and Post Malone, Rockstar Bomb Factory Dallas 

Deep Ellum, Texas 10/27/17

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On Tuesday night in Dallas, Texas at a SOLD OUT Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum Smokepurpp & Yung Pinch opened for the hometown musical hero, Austin Post aka Post Malone. 

The crowd erupted in cheers as California rapper and singer Yung Pinch opened. Pinch is from Huntington Beach, a city south of L.A. known for surfing not rapping.  (I lived in my van there back in 1995) I thought this was pretty cool considering he kind of reminded me of a grungy surfer dude rather than a hardcore rapper. Looks can be deceiving. Pinch hyped up the crowd that was already hyped for The South Florida rapper Smokepurpp. Check out Yung Pinch Here 

Smokepurpp came on and the crowd erupted in cheers again. Smokepurpp’s style of rapping is straightforward, no bullshit, in your face and I mean literally in your face as he jumps in the crowd.  Smokepurpp dropped his long-awaited debut mixtape 'DEADSTAR 9/29/2017  You can check it out DEADSTAR here.  Purp hyped up the crowd again and all I could hear was girls screaming although I know I saw a lot of dudes there. 

Post Malone swaggered on stage about 9:30 PM-ish to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme song. The crowd of 4,000 plus fans screamed and chanted "Stoney" over and over. 

He opened with Too Young, Go Flex changing it up a little while flowing into his newest hit single “rockstar,” that features up-coming rap star 21 Savage. The song has been No. 1 on “Billboard Hot 100″ chart for five weeks now and highlights the rockstar lifestyle, with lyrics “Threw a TV out the window of the Montage Cocaine on the table, liquor pourin', don't give a damn Dude, your girlfriend is a groupie, she just tryna get in Sayin', "I'm with the band".

Further in the set fans go a little crazy for Malone’s antics, jumping up and down in unison during “I Fall Apart” where every girl screamed "I love you Posty" "Marry me, Post Malone" 

He speaks to the crowd some more:  " What's up Texas" he said. 

Malone grabs a real acoustic guitar decked out in purple glitter, sits down and performs Metallica Cover "Nothing Else Matters" 

Post has been grinding since his childhood in Dallas, and his work ethic brought him from humble beginnings to worldwide superstardom. He grew up listening to his dad’s Metallica.

In just six months of its official arrival on Republic Records, “White Iverson” first achieved RIAA Platinum status and he went on the road for Fetty Wap’s “Welcome To The Zoo” tour in early 2016. Kanye West and 50 Cent tapped him for high-profile collaborations, and Jay-Z, Bieber, and many others offered enthusiastic co-signs.

Malone addresses the crowd before a song:

"There's a lot of people that put me down and talk shit. They said we will never sell out a show, (Crowd erupts)  they called me a one hit wonder, (Crowd boos)  now we got the number one song in the fucking world (Crowd goes insane)  fuck'em... so I guess this is me tell y'all to live your life and don't fuckin listen to fuckin anything else anyone has to say"  - Post Malone Dallas, TX 10-24-17, Bomb Factory - Stoney Tour. 

The big screen projector behind Post started raining confetti as he started singing; "My mama called, seen you on TV, son Said shit done changed ever since"... Complete controlled pandemonium throughout Bomb Factory erupts as all balance beer and phone getting a 10 - 30 sec clip of one of their favorites songs.


If you were in the back I'm sure you had a hard time seeing the stage from all the smoke and phones in the air. The Post hit "Congratulations" is the story of Post Malones rise to fame against all odds.

Everyone was smoking, drinking and having a good time... 

“I wanted to create something everybody can get down to and get drunk to,” he continues. “People who like hip-hop will like it. People who like folk will dig it. People who like pop will be into it.” - Post Malone

If I had to grade Stoney Tour Show at Bomb Factory  I would give it an "A+"  It certainly lived up to all the online hype. Everyone performed really well.  Smokepurpp & Yung Pinch were perfect building up for the excitement of Post closing it all out... Rockstar style. Also, have to mention how great the staff is at Bomb Factory. Never waited for a drink, bathroom and the sound is always produced on a very high pro level. 

The Stoney Tour makes two more stops, Austin tonight Tickets.  Also, get ready Houston for one helluva show at HOB Tickets

PS: Don't believe the Hit Piece from The Failing Houston Press. I was going to tag a link but it's not even worth it. Just trust me The Houston Press is #FakeNews 

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Too Young

Go Flex

I Fall Apart

No Option

Rock Star

Up There

Deja Vu

(Break) Metallica Cover

Feeling Whitney 

Big Lies 

Candy Paint

Money Made Me Do It

White Iverson


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Smokepurpp and Adam22 in Dallas off the drank video  Oct 24, 2017

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