Final Thoughts from Finding the Truth Beyond the Tweets of Ariane Bellamar 

11/20/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  & Brittany M. Spaniel 

Tom Stokes talks to other victims on the phone, interviews people Ariane Bellamar has lied to and a special interview with Tom's 23-year-old daughter Victoria. 


Today 11/20/2017 as we are launching our story I received a google alert hit on this from The Blast 

Jeremy Piven Takes and Passes Polygraph Test Over ‘Entourage’ Groping Accusations


Jeremy Piven did exactly what he said he would do — he sat for a lie detector test to prove that he did not fondle Arianne Bellamar on the set of “Entourage,” and he passed with flying colors.

The Blast obtained Piven’s polygraph exam report, administered by a member of the American Polygraph Association with Chapman Investigations on November 13.

Since the accusations first came out, Piven insisted they never happened, that they were complete lies, and said he was willing to take the lie detector test to back up his story.​

Stay Tuned we have a lot more unfolding that will prove Jeremy Piven is innocent and will be releasing this evidence daily. 

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Bellamar claims to have been hospitalized due to valet spitting on her, again playing the victim #Patterns

Ariane Bellamar calls Van Jones a House N****R!! How anyone can trust her word is beyond comprehension. 

Desperate,  Ariane Bellamar lies to producers several times to hide her XXX past. 

A sick and twisted Ariane Bellamar lies about having cancer and vicious assault...  

Jared Leto was Lucky that his false report came before Harvey Weinstein shit hit the fan ... Piven not so lucky. 

Former Labor Secretary Pick Sues Ariane Bellamar for defamation for making several false and defamatory statements...

Ariane Bellamar AKA Ariane Slaught AKA Stephanie Dahl XXX Videos