To clear a few things up, I have received a few harsh emails and tweeted suggestions that I am just some hired gun defending Jeremy Piven, which is not true. I met Jeremy eight years ago when I helped produce an event in Dallas for The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard in conjunction with Paramount’s local promotion and publicity arm. Our interchange was brief and very professional. Although Jeremy may know now who I am because of exposing Ariane Bellamar and her nefarious plan, he would likely not have otherwise recognized me if I had seen him again.

11/28/2017 I by  Tom Stokes   Press Release 

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I am not doing this just for Jeremy, as a few of #MeToo activists have suggested. This isn’t the first time I’ve helped the wrongfully accused. I investigated and exposed Peyton Manning’s accuser and I worked extensively on the Ezekiel Elliott case from Ohio to Dallas.


I have my own personal experience with false sexual assault charges that happened twelve years ago. These charges were finally dismissed but this is yet another fight that I have shared publicly.  So to suggest that I am somehow exposing the #MeToo abusers just to help Jeremy is not accurate, although I do understand the uninformed initial reaction.


My primary purpose in exposing the Bellamar group of accusers is for the sake of my children. My 23-year-old daughter, Victoria Stokes, and my 8-year-old daughter, Parker Stokes. Also, Parker’s mother, Brittany Spaniel, is a real #MeToo victim. Read her story (along with the police reports) here: These women mean the world to me and they know that as a father and a partner, I will not let anyone suffer in the way I – and so many others have in the past.


Updates 12/02/2017: After talking to one of Piven's accuser's mother (Ariane's Mother Speaks Out)  its been brought to our attention that there are two little Children in a very bad situation. Ariane Bellamar AKA Ariane Patterson AKA Ariane Suerev is filming porn in her home, she's a known drug addict and it's well documented she's an alcoholic. Three witnesses including her own mother have confirmed this as fact. We fear the worst may be happening with the Children of Bellamar and we hope that MSM will push this story out so that we can help get the Children to a better and safer environment


My fight in exposing the frauds around #MeToo is a personal plight for me, based on a promise I made to God on my knees when I was falsely accused years ago. Sitting in a 10x10 jail cell, watching my life just slip away, my ex took everything, including my kids – and I never felt so alone in my life. There’s a difference between being humbled and humility.  I dropped to my knees with a tear in my eye and said, “God, please help me get out of this. Although I haven’t lived a perfect life: I have been selfish, self-centered, ego-driven, and self-righteous, I promise if you get me out of this I will be a better father to my children and I will always be honest with women.” To make a long story short, my ex lied and filed a false report with my girlfriend after finding her via a cell phone bill. Was I being dishonest in the relationship? Yes, absolutely. Did I deserve to be falsely accused of sexual assault? No. With a footnote to the prayer, I added, “If I can ever help anyone that is falsely accused like me, I will” because based on my reputation with women, no one believed me. I even second guessed myself when I was locked up for those three months. 


In the last 12 years, I have helped many find the truth. Keeping that in mind, I only fight battles I know I can win and I only fight honorable battles. From fighting Intel Corp to Peyton Manning, I will always honor my promise to God because He honored His promise to me. I am not a very religious person, but I live by spiritual principles that I learned through a twelve-step program.  Part of those principles are; trust God, clean house, and help others. I am not perfect. No one is. But I’m striving for better by helping those that are also falsely accused.


I will continue my investigations and will keep exposing Bellamar and the women that are lying that she recruited in hopes to help with the shakedown of Jeremy Piven.


Although we have had some heated exchanges around the presidential election, I found this tweet by Jake Tapper to be very encouraging:

And now there’s a woman that our young daughters, friends, moms, sisters and a lot of women admire. Emily Lindin works with Teen Vogue and is very influential with women, especially young teenagers: 




Here’s a potentially harmful quote via a recent tweet: "Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault or harassment allegations.”  


She has since hidden the tweet so others can’t engage in the conversation but not before others have let her know that they find what she said dangerously.


Update:11/30/2017 Emily has made her tweet public again stating she only blocked her account because she didn't want to have bots following her. She denies any wrongdoing, never apologized, doesn't see where her opinion could affect her followings judgments and has been very cocky about it all. 


It’s unfortunate to have this element take away from such a positive movement, but it would be naïve to think that no woman is exploiting the goodness of #MeToo for their own personal and selfish gains.


So to those #MeToo activists that have been tweeting and messaging me, calling me names and even the anonymous calls that have said that I “need to die,” you do not know me and I will never stop fighting Bellamar and her gang of #MeToo abusers because it’s an honorable fight and one I know I can win. I cannot stand on the sidelines and watch as these women conspire together to publicly convict an innocent man. 



I hope that others will stand with me as we fight back.


Tom Stokes