Cowboys vs. Redskins Rivalry from Mr. Clutch, Drew Pearson #88 to #79 The Beautiful Harvey Martin.

Friday, October 27, 2017

[VIDEO] A timeless interview with Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson Talkin Redskins vs Cowboys


With Thanksgiving around the corner it's always fun to look back at the Cowboys–Redskins rivalry. Here's one of my personally favorites. 


On November 28, 1974, the Redskins were 8-3 and ready to secure a playoff berth with a win against the Cowboys (6-5) in a nationally televised game in Dallas. With less than ten minutes to go in the third quarter, Washington was leading 16-3, when Redskins linebacker Dave Robinson knocked Roger Staubach out of the game.


"I could count the revolutions in the spiral as the ball came down into my hands - Touchdown Dallas"  - Drew Pearson, 88 Dallas Cowboys WR

Rookie Clint Longley led the Cowboys to a last-minute come-from-behind victory, throwing a 50-yard touchdown pass to Drew Pearson with 28 seconds left. The final score was Cowboys 24, Redskins 23.


Another one of the greatest contests and most memorable chapters in the long history of the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry. #79 was Harvey Martin and he had a special delivery for those Redskins after the game: a funeral wreath.


A few days before the game, a floral delivery arrived at the Cowboys practice facility in North Dallas.   It was a funeral wreath from a florist in Rockville, Maryland (a suburb of Washington D.C.) sent to the Cowboys in “sympathy” for their upcoming loss to the Redskins.


Now Harvey was normally a fun-loving guy.  He had his own show called “The Beautiful Harvey Martin Show”.  He was definitely “beautiful”, beloved by teammates and fans. 


Harvey was also Drew Pearson's best friend and roommate throughout the years. When Drew talks about Harvey he still gets a little choked up. Harvey passed away at the all-too-early age of 51 from pancreatic cancer  Christmas Eve 2001. Harvey was 51. 



Can anyone tell me why The Original 88, Mr. Clutch,  Drew Pearson or The Beautiful Harvey Martin is NOT in the Hall of Fame?


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