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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones talks to Clarence Hill about The Cowboys Protest

Jerry Jones

You can always count on Clarence Hill to ask the hard but right questions about what's going on in Jerry's World.


OCTOBER 22, 2017 8:58 PM

Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones’ hard line stance on the national anthem and his threat to bench any member of his team who disrespects the flag has put him at the center of the issue.

Cowboys Taking a Knee

Jones, however, doesn’t worry about the critics who say he’s treating his players “like a plantation owner”, which one protester did to his face at the NFL meetings in New York last week.

“They don't know me,” Jones said following Sunday’s 40-10 victory against San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. “And I didn't know them. I am well aware they don't know me. To the extent that they were frustrated with me, they are wrong. Just wrong.” Continue

Zeke's third touchdown vs the Niners goes for 72 yards. Ezekiel Elliott

proves why we cannot survive without him. Cowboys beat the 49ers 40 -10

A few days ago my wife and I volunteered to help our DFW Marines with a really awesome luncheon... We wrote about the experience...

.... As I write this I still get a little angry and wonder if any NFL player would have the kahunas to come and sit at a table with these war heroes and explain why they think it's a great idea to protest and denounce their country and flag. I wish I knew what great things have come out of this protesting the flag and National Anthem at NFL games. From what I can see ... Zero. Just a lot of pissed off people shouting at each other. The National Anthem, the flag is about saluting, honoring our military. Taking one small moment out of your time to honor those that protect our freedoms.

These brave men and women of our military fought for you and me and yes even the NFL players kneeling in protest. Colonel Tony Wood didn't hold out for a BIG contract when he signed up for that last tour and General Carey didn't get his bust in bronze in Canton. Men and women served our country and some died for our freedom and the rest came home and back to their lives, mowed the grass, picked up kids from school, became police officers, teachers, and even the oldest rookie to start an NFL game with the Dallas Cowboys.

FACT: Your average military pay is around $33,000 per year. The average NFL player? 2.44 million a year. Sources:

Brittany Stokes with General Carey MMCT Luncheon

Why am I helping our military today, well we have always been involved with The Marines with Toy's for Tots and Brittany's family has a long history of military service.

We support our military now more than ever and you should too. Especially since the NFL player's protest. I see a lot of people jumping on the protest bandwagon but I don't see a lot in our military's corner. Not one time during all these great interviews during all these kneeling have I heard one media outlet reach out to our military. When I mean military I mean men like Colonel Tony Wood or Lt. Gen. Richard Carey.

FACT: The Department of Defense paid the NFL $6.1 million to honor troops and for recruiting promotions. The league did pay back $700,000 of that, but only after coming under intense criticism. What about the rest of the money? Source:USASpending.Gov

For you, Cowboy fans in case you were wondering The Department of Defense and Homeland Security paid the Dallas Cowboys approximately $327,500 over the last few years. mainly for promoting USMC recruitment.

Why is it important to reach out and support organizations like The Metroplex Military Charitable Trust (MMCT) Because they are the ones that defended and to this day defend this great FREE country of ours. Not some guy playing football for millions and millions of dollars. Continue

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