Dallas Cowboys David Irving will test Jerry Jones' national anthem policy... Maybe? Fake News ru

Dallas Cowboys David Irving will Protest Anthem

Updated today 10/22/2017 Click Here for New Article Dallas Cowboys Under Attack

Who is feeding this fire for Dallas Cowboys to protest? Idiots like Yaya Dubin. Below is a piece he wrote for CBS via and so he claims the Fort Worth Telegram.

By the way Yaya it's Fort Worth NOT Forth Worth SMH!

I have been in touch with several people close to the Cowboys Camp and close to Irving and every single person I have talked to said NO WAY! That's not happening and Irving is being victimised by CBS, you know where our beloved Tony Romo works and is also the home of The Dallas Cowboys TV locally.

I am soooo sick and tired of all these wannabe self-centered, self-righteous assholes that call themselves a sports journalist. But now get this, Irving may feel like he has to do something since everyone is shouting at him not to. All because some nobody named Yaya Dubin that can't spell or write and that lives in New York City???

Fake Fake Fake News and I am really surprised that CBS would run such a hit peice also that the Star Telegram would co-sign the bullshit. All for what? Clicks? or are they trying to push the Cowboys? Yaya being from New York says a lot., I'm sure he's a Giants fan ha ha ha ha You're 0 -5 pal get use to it.

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving appears to be getting ready to test

Jerry Jones' national anthem policy.

"I have made a call," Irving said, per the Forth Worth Star-Telegram. "You'll just have to wait till Sunday."

Irving raised his fist in a display of protest against police brutality and racial injustice after the national anthem was played prior to the Cowboys' Week 5 game, and apparently plans to demonstrate in some way again this Sunday when the Cowboys take on the 49ers.

He said he received favorable feedback from fans after his Week 5 fist-raising, despite the fact that many Cowboys fans appear to be against demonstrations or protests before, during, or after the national anthem.

"I've had way more support," Irving said. "I'm not disrespecting the flag. I really haven't gotten anything negative. It's all positive." Full Article

If David Irving is thinking about protesting I hope he takes time out to read this article I wrote for him and others... Click Here: Why Cowboys Shouldn't Protest Our National Anthem

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