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Post Malone Drops Rockstar Ft. 21 Savage

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Tickets to Stoney Tour Show Sold Out in 114 Seconds in Dallas Texas

DALLAS, TX... I haven’t really liked any new rap in a long, long time. I’m probably what you would consider old school. I grew up with The Sugar Hill Gang, Cypress Hill, and segway myself into Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer and then along came The Real Slim Shady.

Just when I was getting bored with it all BAM “My Name is KIDDDDDDD ROCKKKKK!!!” You know it really amazes me at times because you think you heard it all like how could Kanye West top “808s & Heartbreak” but he did it several times over. Or there’s no way KID ROCK will be around I mean he sings about himself as a third person. But he’s still here and rockin.

Very few rappers have demonstrated they are capable of evolving or maintaining relevance beyond a few thousand likes via YouTube nowadays. Post Malone is NOT that guy. He went from playing around with Guitar Hero to making his first mixtape with his Guitar when he was just 16 to Mega Stardom in about a minute. If you don’t know his backstory visit Republic Records

With hits like White Iverson and Congratulations, what would he follow it up with??? Here’s what he did…

Check out Post Malone ft. 21 Savage - "Click to hear Rockstar"

I read an article couple days ago from a “Professional Music Journalist” (Roll Eyes Here) stating Post Malone is trying to tap into his old persona. Now that’s some funny s*** right there “Old Persona” Really? I mean he’s been on the scene for like couple years and has accomplished a lot real fast how in the f*** is that even close to being old SMH.

His work here on Rockstar is certainly evidence of a Megastar. He's NOT going anywhere and certainly not going to listen to a “Professional Music Journalist” (Whatever the F*** that is) and you shouldn't either.

He’s released enough music now that there is NO WAY IN HELL anyone can say he’s a one-hit wonder and if you really listen to Rockstar you will get a sense that there’s a lot more coming from Malone.

Jay-Z or West might be the most appropriate examples of an artist whose records (Haha records I’m old) albums, with a few exceptions, have matured from project to project, never dwelling on the past and always finding new subjects to tackle (We're a Sports+Music Show) . The beats change, the flows change, the lyrics change – and all because the performer grows and changes.

With Post, he’s not only growing and changing but evolving into something we have really never seen before. A very humble happy rapper. I said it before and caught some flack over that statement but to me it’s true. Post is just a very happy, humble , talented and laid back guy and it seems as if the money and fame has not gone to his head.

The majority of rap has always been produced mean, angry in your face full of emotional turmoil. Several reasons reasons why it’s hard to break into mainstream media. You’re never gonna see an American Idol Rap Version. I actually tried producing it called WAR of RAP and got slapped down more than once. I produced and pitched several shows with underground rappers like Juan Gotti back in the day to have networks tell me to F*** off in a nice way. You can’t throw shade on this song at all. From lyrics, production, beats, and the flow. It's a very well constructed song produced on a very pro level. Combine all this for an experience that will get your head bobbing. Take a ride with Post and 21 Savage and although you're going to see some familiar scenery there's nothing wrong with riding around the old neighborhood.

I feel like Rockstar was dropped to keep fans engaged for what’s really coming. I sense that Post is going to drop something that transcends everything he’s done. But for now, kick back, be happy and enjoy the ride. Final thoughts; Keep this in mind when you're complaining about Post tapping into old personas;

In 2017 Post Malone is the most streamed artist globally and "Congratulations" streamed over 400 million times it's also the only rap song to chart for 30 weeks - 4X Platinum in the US alone.

Stoney is UMG's #1 selling album of the year, selling over 1 million in the USA Featuring "White Iverson" and "Go Flex" and if you want a hit album always include these producers; DJ Mustard, FKi 1st, and Pharrell. Post Malone will be in Dallas, Texas performing to a SOLD OUT Bomb Factory October 24th 2017 There is a couple resell companies that have tickets starting at around $150.00 Each for GA Tom Stokes Sports+Music PS: His Dad worked for the Dallas Cowboys... Hut Hut!

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