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Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott thinking about football, not court case...

FRISCO, Texas -- Ezekiel Elliott’s courtroom drama is not over just yet, but the Dallas Cowboys running back is not going to talk about the issues that could lead to him being suspended for six games at some point this season or in the future.

Twice on Wednesday, Elliott deflected questions regarding the NFL’s motion for a stay of the injunction Elliott won last week that is keeping him on the field.

He would, however, talk about football.

He admitted to feeling sore the day after he ran for 104 yards on 24 carries and caught five passes for 36 yards in the season-opening win over the New York Giants.

“Sunday night was a grind,” Elliott said. “It was a tough one and so on Monday I was doing my best not to lay in bed and get more stiff. Just get around the house, get a massage, go get in the pool, do a little mobility work so you can start loosening up for the week.”

This week, Elliott expects to get just as much work against the Denver Broncos. In their season-opening win against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Broncos gave up 64 rushing yards on 22 carries. Melvin Gordon had 21 of his 54 yards on one carry.

“We're a team where we're going to run the football,” Elliott said. “We’re going to show you different looks, but it's going to be the same four plays, and it's going to be you versus us. You’ve got to stop us. You’ve got to be better than us. That's how we play week in, week out. Teams know that, so that's our mindset going into every week, and I expect every week to be like that.”

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