My conversation with Walmart about Impeach 45 T-Shirts 

On July 3rd, 2018 at approx. 12:45 PM 

I reached out to Walmart via LIVE Chat and to my surprise, they were very forthcoming about the recent Impeach 45 T-Shirt goof as well as the trending of #BoycottWalmart. They are looking to change the way items like Impeach 45 T-Shirt was allowed to be sold as well as any and all political items.




Tom Stokes, CEO of company. 



My LIVE chat above with Walmart Rep about Impeach45 Tshirts and more...  

Below is the text from that convo 

Alejandro S: Thanks for chatting with! I’m Alejandro S and I’ll be assisting you today. 
 Thomas Stokes: Hi - can you tell me if Walmart will be removing the Impeach 45 Tshirts? 
 Alejandro S: Hello Thomas, how are you today? I understand that you are inquiring about this product that might be offensive. 
 Thomas Stokes: well, that's an understatement 
 Thomas Stokes: Yes! 
 Alejandro S: You are totally right to feel this way. As you can notice, the item is sold and shipped by one of our marketplace partners. So you do not have to worry, because we do love to get feedback about the items that are sold on our site. 
 Alejandro S: We appreciate your business and we want you to keep shopping with us. We have received many reviews about this item, so in order to have this fixed, we will have this matter escalated to our management team. 
 Alejandro S: As you can check now, all these items are being removed. 
 Thomas Stokes: Ummm #BoycottWalmart is trending at the top of everything 
 Alejandro S: Do not worry, we will have the seller removed from our approved seller's list, and so we can remove the item from our site. We have daily audits, to make sure we are offering great deals on our site. 
 Alejandro S: Thank you for reporting this to us Thomas. 
 Thomas Stokes: 
 Alejandro S: We appreciate all feedback we can get about this. 
 Alejandro S: It will help us improve our audits. 
 Thomas Stokes: it's still on the walmart website and you're paying google to enhance it 
 Alejandro S: And it will take up to 48 hours to have all these items removed from the site. 
 Thomas Stokes: Well, don't you think you should inform your stockholders like me??? 
 Alejandro S: Of course Thomas. 
 Alejandro S: That is why we are documenting all this. 
 Thomas Stokes: I just sent you a link where you're paying google ads to promo impeach 45 
 Alejandro S: I can promise that our IT team is working to remove all this from all promotional sites and or Google. 
 Alejandro S: If you click on any of those items, it will take you to a blank page. 
 Alejandro S: So we are still working to have this fixed during the day. 
 Thomas Stokes: yea I see that 
 Thomas Stokes: I understand 
 Alejandro S: It will take a few to have them removed from the web. 
 Thomas Stokes: My question is why do you allow it - this isn't the first time and to be completely honest you sell Jail Hillary although she is NOT a US sitting Pres I think it really hurts you and divides your customer base 
 Thomas Stokes: why even promo anything political 
 Alejandro S: We did not notice when the seller posted it, but we will take several actions about this. 
 Alejandro S: But we will make sure to keep an eye on our marketplace partners and third party seller. 
 Thomas Stokes: Sam Walton never took sides although he should have bought more American still he would not rip his customer base in half. This just doesn't make good sense or cents 
 Alejandro S: You are totally right Thomas. 
 Thomas Stokes: Thanks for your time. Do you think Walmart press would be issuing a media alert? Just wondering. 
 Thomas Stokes: Like a press release - also could Walmart maybe just stay out of all politics? Just be neutral for the sake of investors 
 Alejandro S: We will evaluate if a media alert is needed by end of day. 
 Alejandro S: And of course, we want to stay neutral to all politics. 
 Alejandro S: We do not like to take sides. 
 Alejandro S: Definitely not. 
 Alejandro S: But thank you for sharing this with me. 
 Thomas Stokes: Ok, Thanks for your time and being transparent about this. It means a lot and I will stand behind you for being honest and forthcoming about your short comings 
 Alejandro S: I can promise we are exhausting all our efforts to have this fixed. 
 Alejandro S: We want to keep the confidence of all our customers. 
 Thomas Stokes: You guys are pretty smart - I'm sure there's a chunk of code somewhere someone can write to make sure nothing political hits the site for sale. If you don't have a software company use mine MADE IN THE USA lol 
 Thomas Stokes: Have a great day. 
 Alejandro S:
Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

 Thomas Stokes: Nope! You answered my questions 100% 
 Thomas Stokes: chow! 
 Alejandro S:
It's been a pleasure assisting you. I am going to disconnect now. You may receive a brief email survey regarding your experience with me today, and I would appreciate your feedback. If you need any help in the future, please, do not hesitate to contact us again.  Thank you for contacting and have a great day!

 Alejandro S has disconnected.