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Jeremy Piven Sexual Assault Claim Debunking Proves Actor’s Innocence But Not Before Harming His Reputation And Recent Loss Of Work

A further story unfolds about Ariane Bellamar conspiring with other women to take advantage of the #MeToo movement.


DALLAS, TX - On Thursday, November 30th, 2017, Tom Stokes, producer of Sports+PLUS in Dallas, Texas, will publish more recorded phone calls, videos, and many documents in hopes to shed a different light on the Jeremy Piven sexual assault allegations. This comes on the heels of Piven's CBS show, “Wisdom of the Crowd,” being canceled.


“Saying that Jeremy Piven is a victim of a miscarriage of justice is an understatement. Piven is being publicly shamed and prosecuted for something he did not do. These false allegations are destroying him personally and professionally. For the record, I am not doing this just for Jeremy, as a couple of #MeToo activists have suggested. This isn’t the first time I’ve helped the wrongfully accused. I investigated and exposed Peyton Manning’s accuser and I worked extensively on the Ezekiel Elliott case from Ohio to Dallas,” Stokes said in a statement.  https://www.sportsplusshow.com/tom-stokes-statement


Stokes encourages all to view the information his team has collected over the last three weeks. They have published the majority of it here: https://www.sportsplusshow.com/exploiting-metoo  - in hopes finding the truth. He has asked anyone to come forward with information that will help the team find Ariane Bellamar so she can be served with legal documents as well as an execution of warrants.


“Bellamar is hiding out and using these other women to carry her destructive message within the media while she bullies people via Twitter. She hopes that the women will settle and they can all split the money,” he continues. Please see the link for more info: https://www.sportsplusshow.com/bellamar-slaught. In the link, a revealing quote is used by Bellamar’s mother, Pattie: “I have cried for her to the point I have no more tears. She broke our hearts over and over and she will do anything to stay in the spotlight and to have money.”  There is also over an hour of audio from Stokes talking to Bellamar's mother. 


The outlet has not and will not publish all evidence. However, if readers click through and listen to private phone calls, watch videos, read the social media, documents, etc., they will find what has been released supports Jeremy Piven’s claim of innocence, further backing up his polygraph that he recently passed.


“I have my own personal experience with false sexual assault charges that happened twelve years ago. These charges were finally dismissed but this is yet another fight that I have shared publicly.  So to suggest that I am somehow exposing the #MeToo abusers just to help Jeremy is not accurate, although I do understand the uninformed initial reaction,” Stokes states.


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About Ariane Bellamar and Tanner Slaught: Prior to recent accusations against Jeremy Piven, Ariane Bellamar and Tanner Slaught have been known as opportunists. When Bellamar tweeted FOX News that she was a victim of Jeremy Piven’s, the wheels were set quickly in motion. FOX News, unfortunately, did no fact-checking, did not bother looking up her past, never interviewed her, or even asked if there was any proof to back up the claims and just ran with the story, quickly harming Piven’s reputation. Bellamar has claimed on Twitter that she has text messages to back up her serious accusations of the alleged assault but has failed to provide any such proof. See more here: https://www.sportsplusshow.com/exploiting-metoo