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Federal Complaint Filed Against Roger Goodell and the NFL by Consumer Tom Stokes 

Today, 11/14/2014, I filed a federal complaint against the NFL, Roger Goodell, Harold Henderson, et al., because I feel like the NFL scammed me. 

Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL et al., and certain employees like Mr. Harold Henderson within the league itself have created an unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practice in the marketplace by allowing rumors to circulate within the United States of America that the league is “going after” Jerry Jones to wit: A group of NFL team owners have sent Jerry Jones a cease-and-desist warning and threatened to “punish him” if he keeps at his quest to block commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract negotiations, according to a report from the New York Times.


Further, as punishment to Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, Roger Goodell retaliated by conspiring with certain sports media outlets like ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY TIMES, et al. to spin a narrative that Zeke Elliott is in, in fact, guilty of Domestic Violence. This was payback because Jerry Jones questioned Roger Goodell’s new contract of 50 million plus lifetime perks for him and his family.

The NFL has conspired with the media and others to paint a narrative that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is unfit to run his team by NOT denouncing the reports that the NFL team owners are going after Jerry Jones. 

The NFL, under the helm of Roger Goodall, has made it impossible for me as a consumer to enjoy Dallas Cowboys games because of those above mentioned above as well as not addressing Our National Anthem concerns, safety with CTE brain disease, not handling certain criminal cases correctly like the Ray Rice case.


I believe that the NFL is trying to punish Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys to give other teams a better advantage to win.

I am humbly asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the National Football League and if there is any relief that this Honorable department may find fit that will restore the completeness of American Football within the NFL private company to do so quickly and without confusion.

End of Complaint 

Below is the official filing in PDF format and the complaint letter I sent to Disney, to which I never received a response. 

11/14/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes    1 of 3 Complaints Filed 

PDF of Federal Complaint

Reference # 90268364

Filed 11/14/2017

PDF of Complaint to Disney Corp. 

Filed 11/07/2017

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