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Front Row: L-to-R: Laurie and Jesse; Back Row: Julian, Joe, Eddie, Dez, Zach; AXS TV/credit: Stewart Volland

I met Eddie Money years ago back stage in a green room. I have never been the "Star Struck" kind of guy and always keep my cool working with stars on a pro level but this was Eddie Money, The Money $ Man. I grew up with this guy and danced with a lot of girls (read between the lines) listening to his songs. 

I'm sitting at the table making sure I don't make eye contact with him. He grabs a water and starts putting a sandwich together from the green room cold cut tray. He stops and looks around like he's confused and finally says in a New York accent; " Hey, who you have to blow to get some mustard around here, huh" I looked up and he was looking at me when he said that. 

I busted out laughing to the point my drink was coming out my nose. Now he's standing right by me, I clean myself up and say sorry I don't know. He say; "Hi, I'm Eddie Money" as if maybe somehow I was new to the planet and didn't know who he was. 

He starts telling me a joke and I can't recall what joke it was but I am sure I heard it several times now over the past 10 years. The one thing I do remember is him slapping me in the face after the joke. Not a hard slap more like your uncle pats you on the side on the cheek. "What about that Tommy boy" He says after he slaps me. I laugh and think to myself how does Eddie Money know my name and then realize I have an All Access with my name on it. 

Only three people call me Tommy, My Grandmother (RIP) old friend I grew up with and now Eddie Money. We became fast friends and I even directed and produced an outdoor Music Festival with him in Chicago in 2015. 

Working with him on a pro level has been an awesome experience 

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