Finding the Truth Beyond the Tweets of Ariane Bellamar Continued... 

11/20/2017 I by:  Tom Stokes  & Brittany M. Spaniel 

Sometimes peoples perception of a person, especially A-list actors, is not what it appears.  You can say that's the norm when it comes to interacting with celebrities like Piven, Zeke or Peyton and beyond. 

Some people watch an actor on screen and feel like that's how they are in real life. In reality, they have no clue.  They cannot separate fantasy from the truth. Their perception is warped. This fantasy personality may trigger past experiences (Ariane admitted many previous issues with men) and form expectations as to how the person 'should be' when they meet them. 

Ariane Bellamar is just a fan or groupie if you will and how she ever worked on a real TV or Movie set is beyond my comprehension.  She has never studied the art of acting and wouldn't know the difference between Stanislavski's System and the Dewey System.  

Majority of the time Jeremy's character plays the asshole (A) type personality on TV or in film screen; this is the image that Ariane Bellamar has in her mind's eye. Jeremy's  a Type (B) in real life in case you were wondering. I'm a type (A) in real life haha!   If you look at the behavior of Ariane Bellamar you will see a pattern that's consistent with someone that's not in reality. 

I'm no doctor, but I think she suffers from "schizophrenia." The chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks feels and behaves. People with schizophrenia have lost touch with reality. If you take in all these crazy stories coupled with how she tweeted over the years (Yes I read her tweets going all the way back to 2013), you'll see the pattern. To her, her life seems healthy because she has never known anything different outside of drama, drama and more drama that she has created. 

To learn more about schizophrenia or parataxic distortion visit Harry Stack Sullivan's early work as well as Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. 


She meets Piven and automatically thinks he’s an A-type personality, but in all reality, he’s a B type which is just the opposite.   You tell me does Ariane Bellamar seem like a person that lives anywhere near the truth? Of course not. Does she have any Honor? No! Does she know what the definition of integrity is really? Absolutely Not! Now put her on a studio lot around A-list actors that she has adored, admired or hated and you my friends have a recipe for disaster.

Here’s where I get confused and please know I’m not trying to point the finger at anyone. I just want you to take a deep breath and look at it from the outside.  A good handler, agent, casting director, etc. would have figured out Ariane Bellamar quickly and without confusion,  but they missed it.

How they fumbled Ariane Bellamar concerns me. It's not the talent's responsibility because they trust the people around them and trust their image and likeness will be protected in every way possible.

I'm not making this up, sorry for sounding like a broken record; I'm not an expert it's just been my twenty-five years experience of working in the entertainment industry coupled with being attracted to crazy women like Ariane Bellamar. 

Oh, none of this convinces you that Ariane Bellamar is lying? No problem I have proof she's lying and will share that with you when you're ready to hear it. Sorry, someones got to spare your feelings and tell you like it is and I guess that person is me. 

I can see why you would take Ariane Bellamar side, I mean let’s face it. She’s an ex-porn star that appears to have risen from the ashes of the sex slave shops to almost being famous.


Her story has everything, a great backstory, the damsel in distress, a villain; movement titled #Metoo coupled with excellent, caring, people like her hero saving audience oh and the loving and caring mainstream media outlets worldwide.


Ever hear the saying "Consider the source" That would 100% apply here. Consider Ariane Bellamar' mental state and all the twisted crazy insane lies she has been caught in time and again. Could she be lying now? Yes, she is lying now and here's why. She knows the other women and talks to them daily. Phone calls, text messages, messages on Twitter. 


Remember that Sprint phone text message records she claims to have but cannot produce? Just subpoena the phone records because I have a feeling that none of them are going to turn over their phones. If you do that, then you will establish the connection between the women. 


Hopefully, someone will do that sooner than later because I promise you Ariane Bellamar will be reading this as soon as it gets published. 


I cannot just upload documents, phone interviews, witnesses, etc. without the risk of Ariane preparing a defense around what I put out that makes her look guilty. I will, however, release a couple phone calls soon ... keep reading. 


She's watching and waiting to see what my next move is going to be this is why she hasn't blocked me, but I have a source that stated already "Watch your back." I'm not overly concerned but I know she will try and seek revenge. It's just how she operates.


If anyone in the media would like a copy of all the evidence I have please email me 


As we are producing this article another girl came forward and Ariane Bellamar tweeted out the video yesterday 11/19/2017. I know for a fact and have proof that the girl was coerced into producing that video and further coached by Ariane Bellamar on what to say and how to say it.

12/29/2017 UPDATES: Listen to Phone Calls from Ariane's Mom, Read Statements from Witnesses, LAPD reports to Detectives, Court Orders to shut her twitter down, how Twitter and HBO is protecting her and connect the dots how Ariane Ballamar recruited others in hopes to make a quick buck exploiting #MeToo . .. Continue 

Bellamar claims to have been hospitalized due to valet spitting on her, again playing the victim #Patterns

Ariane Bellamar calls Van Jones a House N****R!! How anyone can trust her word is beyond comprehension. 

Desperate,  Ariane Bellamar lies to producers several times to hide her XXX past. 

A sick and twisted Ariane Bellamar lies about having cancer and vicious assault...  

Jared Leto was Lucky that his false report came before Harvey Weinstein shit hit the fan ... Piven not so lucky. 

Former Labor Secretary Pick Sues Ariane Bellamar for defamation for making several false and defamatory statements...

Ariane Bellamar AKA Ariane Slaught AKA Stephanie Dahl XXX Videos