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Beyond the Tweets: Part 2 – The Ariane Bellamar/Jeremy Piven Debate [To read Part 1 of Beyond the Tweets, click here]

11/28/2017 I by  Tom Stokes  

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Prior to recent accusations against Jeremy Piven, Ariane Bellamar and Tanner Slaught have been known as opportunists. When Bellamar tweeted FOX News that she was a victim of Jeremy Piven’s, the wheels were set quickly in motion. FOX News, unfortunately, did no fact-checking, did not bother looking up her past, never interviewed her, or even asked if there was any proof to back up the claims and just ran with the story, quickly harming Piven’s reputation. Bellamar has claimed on Twitter that she has text messages to back up her serious accusations of the alleged assault but has failed to provide any such proof. 


Bellamar and her husband are conspiring with Anastasia Taneie, Amy Rachelle Meador, and others to extort money out of Jeremy Piven. They are also using social media to find partners in their scheme. So far, they’ve reached out to Cassidy Freeman, Isis Taylor, and Tiffany Bacon Scourby, as well as two other anonymous women that we know of at press time and, have recorded phone calls stating these facts.


Bellamar and Slaught have quickly been recruiting, training, and coaching women to exploit #MeToo by using Jeremy Piven's name. The women that are currently stating Jeremy Piven assaulted them either knew Bellamar before or were recruited afterward by her.

Tanner Slaught & Ariane Bellamar - Patterson -Suerev etc... 

It's Embarrassing, I'm Her Mother and This is How She Turned Out? 

Bellamar's (Not her real name by the way) mother, Pattie, states, "I have cried for her to the point I have no more tears." She adds, "Ariane has always loved the spotlight. It started when she was 16 years old. We tried to get her help, but there was no stopping her. She broke our hearts over and over and she will do anything to stay in the spotlight and to have money." Anything? Even hatching a plan to take down one of Hollywood's favorite A-list actors? She continued, "I wouldn't put anything past her. She is evil and our only goal is to try and save our grandchildren."


Below is audio clips from our hour phone call with Ariane's Mom, Mrs. Pattie. All of the audio has been sent to authorities for criminal investigation. Ariane will stop at nothing to get what she want's and feels she deserves. ​

Pattie is the third person to state that Bellamar and Slaught film porn in front of their children. If Bellamar is not successful extorting money from Piven, she won’t go broke, as she has made a small fortune producing her own porn with Slaught that's online for all to see – for a fee, of course.  She is getting a lot of attention, clicks, and paid-for porn views using Piven’s name, even at the cost of his career and reputation.


Ariane's Mom Speaks - Beyond The Tweets with Tom Stokes
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For the first time ever Ariane's Mom Speaks Out in hopes to save her grandchildren... 

The audio is edited down so that it will not disclose certain elements of the case and/or for time restraints. The original has be forwarded to the proper authorities in it's entirety. 

Here are some FACTS about Bellamar / Patterson - Suerev 


1. Bellamar has had over twenty-three different phone numbers over the last five years and lived at over thirty-two different addresses. 

2.  Bellamar has several warrants and authorities cannot find her to arrest her. 

3.  She will do anything for money and to stay in the spotlight.

4.  Jeremy Piven is not the first man she tried to extort money from

5.  She is a webcam porn actress with her husband Tanner Slaught 

6. She stole a Ex-Boyfriends alpha male dog from his ranch It's the German Shepherd you see in videos and pictures

7. Tanners Slaughts Dad sued Bellamar and Tanner for slander from social media and won

8.  Bellamar is a well-known drug addict and alcoholic

9. I cannot legally make Ariane's  criminal record public here but trust me it is a long rap sheet with many convictions over the past three decades https://www.instantcheckmate.com/people/ariane-patterson/ 

10.Her biological father, Atty. Dave Patterson, an Appellate Judge from FL, committed suicide. According to Ariane's mother, all Ariane cared about was how much money she would receive.  

11.Bellamar's real last name is Patterson -

12.Bellamar has coconspired with other women to extort money from Jeremy Piven. When she denies these allegations she states "Look at my phone" knowing that she has a new phone 


Ariane Bellamar and Tanner Slaught are lying, cheating and stealing their way through life and it's time to put a stop to the madness. If you know their whereabouts please contact Tom Stokes producer@sportsplusshow.com 

Your identity will always remain anonymous.  Please read our witness identity shield, standards of protection policy below. 

Ariane Bellamar tweets out that Dr. Oz offered her and her #MeToo Extorters to come on his show. 


Ariane Bellamar has tweeted that Dr. Oz offered her and her #MeToo crew to come on his show. She will be joined by Anastasia Taneie and Amy Rachelle Meador on Dr. Oz on November 30th. She tags Jeremy Piven, #MeToo, The FBI, CBS, and CBSNews.


On November 22nd, sources within the Dr. Oz TV show production’s office stated that Ariane Bellamar, Anastasia Taneie, nor Amy Rachelle Meador were never scheduled to appear on Nov. 30th and there are no future guest appearances scheduled.


This is Bellamar's #MeToo scam team tactic: to incite fear and bully their victims like Jeremy Piven into settling for a large sum of money.


Listen to Amy Rachelle Meador’s telephone conversation 


I grabbed screenshots in case she starts deleting the tweets. If the tweets are still active you can click the image to see the live tweet. - Tom Stokes. 

 “We Black Cubed Her. We’ll Black Cube You Too.”


Bellamar/Patterson cannot own anything or have anything in her name of value (Court Files with Judgement Proof)  Kenneth Slaught was awarded Ariane Bellamar's website: www.ArianeBellamar.com.


She's been on the run for the last year. A statement on her website would leave you to believe it was hacked. She writes, “We Black Cubed Her. We’ll Black Cube You Too.” to insinuate the Black Cube  team is trying to silence her. Her website hasn't been hacked, though. It was turned over to Kenneth Slaught as part of the $2 million dollar judgment awarded to Slaught by the court in California.





Dad wins a $2 million+ judgement against his son, Tanner Slaught, and wife, Ariane Bellamar, in damages for defamation (for libel, false light, cyber piracy, internet impersonation, and having engaged in an electronic campaign of harassment via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), awarded to Bellamar’s mother and father-in-law as well as an injunction against the reality star and their son, Tanner. [Feb 29, 2016] Source: ThePatch.com          


References: ThePatch.com        https://www.pinterest.fr/tannerslaught/     https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/10/ariane-bellamar-elopes-tanner-slaught-family-secret


Please note that this story is developing daily. Make sure you check back often! 

From Chapter One: Beyond the Tweets: The video below contains a recorded phone call from a friend of Tanner Slaught’s parents, whose identity has been protected. Tanner is the husband of Ariane Bellamar, the reality star and porn actress that created the campaign against Jeremy Piven, which was picked up by FOX News. However, the network did no fact-checking and ran with the story because it fell in line with their narrative that week.

Below are several articles on Ariane Bellamar's background.  Various articles published appear to show her to be an adult film actress and reality television personality seeking to promote herself, with multiple defamation incidents and online harassment lawsuits against her, an injunction, a multi-million judgment, and videos of her caught on camera in various lies, having made similar accusations in 2016 against another actor.  On her own page, she describes herself and her husband as a modern Bonnie and Clyde, who were also on the wrong side of the law.

Ariane Bellamar found out she'd been let go from The Real Housewives of Toronto via an email last Friday...

Ariane Bellamar says she isn't ashamed of her porn past but that's not true... 

Desperate,  Ariane Bellamar lies to producers several times to hide her XXX past. 

A sick and twisted Ariane Bellamar lies about having cancer and vicious assault...  

Jared Leto was Lucky that his false report came before Harvey Weinstein shit hit the fan ... Piven not so lucky. 

Former Labor Secretary Pick Sues Ariane Bellamar for defamation for making several false and defamatory statements...

Bellamar claims she doesn't engage in porn anymore but this is a lie. She has several websites she owns through her production company. 

Ariane Bellamar calls Van Jones a House N****R!! How anyone can trust her word is beyond comprehension. 

Bellamar claims to have been hospitalized due to valet spitting on her, again playing the victim #Patterns

Ariane Bellamar lied to producers several times trying to hide the XXX past. Does that sound like someone that isn't ashamed of their past? 

Tech CEO charged with assaulting 'Beverly Hills Nannies' star... Ariane's mother stated they were self-inflicted wounds. She was married at the time she was chasing Patrick Henry ... 

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