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11/28/2017 I by  Tom Stokes  

Best viewed on desktop to properly see all evidence. 

Ariane Bellamar

Connecting the Dots With Phone Calls Between Bellamar and Other Women

Phone calls between Tom Stokes and Amy Meador, one of the women accusing Jeremy Piven of sexual assault

Amy Rachelle Meador 

"Yeah, and they've been playing me for weeks...Anastasia swearing to God that she did that video all by herself." 

- Amy Rachelle Meador, 11/22/2017 

Call 1 of 5:  Amy Meador talks to me in the initial phone call when she thought I was going to write a story on her behalf. 

11/22/17 Amy Meador - Tom Stokes Beyond the Tweets
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Call 5 of 5: Amy Meador talks to me after the Buzzfeed article ran and I posted that her story had a lot of gaps and I thought she was lying. She also wanted me to represent her to Dr. Phil for $200,000. I played along until I got caught... 

11/27/17 Amy Meador - Tom Stokes Beyond the Tweets
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The audio is edited down so that it will not disclose certain elements of the case and/or for time restraints. The original has be forwarded to the proper authorities in it's entirety. 


Call 1of 5


Phone calls between Tom Stokes and Amy Meador from 11/22/2017. Below is what Amy Meador states in the audio:

1.  The reason Jeremy didn't rape her is that she's trained in martial arts 
She told me later that he walked to the door and she asked him to leave. She also said he did rape her and then changed her story when I questioned her about it. 

2. She claims she is mobster Meyer Lansky's daughter
I know who Lansky is but play dumb to make sure I heard her right. She repeats it and proceeds to tell me who he was. A quick fact check on Lansky's Wiki page increases my skepticism when I find nothing that ties her to him:Lansky's Wiki Page 


3. Took her terms to Jeremy and wanted five million dollars
a) She did reach out to Jeremy's attorney. At the time, however, there were no facts or police report to back her claims nor did she have any witnesses. She did demand five million dollars to keep quiet. After doing the fact-checking, the attorney never called her back and thought it might have been a prank call, as Piven was in the news daily for another big story, which already opened himself up to lots of crazy prank calls. 

b) I can tell she is not mentally stable- a subject I bring up later, but she stated it was Piven's fault she is mentally unstable, and that's why she needs the five million. She further claimed she also needed the money for a sick child. 

4. The mafia would have killed Piven before he talked to the police, so she was protecting him 
a) I cannot confirm that she knows or knew anyone in the mafia, but if you're that upset, why not allow the mafia take over for the police? This story is getting so weird that I am starting to ask questions myself about a fake story in hopes of coming up with an answer that makes sense but I never find anything in her story that makes any sense at all.  

b) I take that back. The only thing that made sense is that fact that she admitted (by accident) that she is talking to Bellamar/Patterson/Suerev. [Remember this, because soon I am going to reveal something about all this that's going to blow your mind.]

5. Amy states both of her parents committed suicide

a) Patterson's father, attorney Dave Patterson - an appellate judge committed suicide. Sources tell me both of Amy's parents are alive and well. 


Update 12/01/2017: Since we broke this story Amy has tweeted that both her parents did commit suicide but we have not confirmed this. She also states she is "taking a break" from Twitter. 



6. Amy claims she called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and they refused to take the report about the attack  

a) I have not reached out to sheriff yet, but I have a feeling she didn't call. It was in the mid-1990s, and I think they would have a record. 


7. Towards the end of the audio, she states that she came forward in 1998 because her mom was dead so no mafia would know about Jeremy Piven


a) This story makes sense if she was actually tied to the mafia and if she was really Meyer Lansky's daughter, but she's not his daughter not even remotely close to being a distant relative. 



8. At the end of the call, Amy states; "Yeah, and they've been playing me for weeks…Anastasia swearing to God that she did that video all by herself." 


a) This call was part of another call that incriminates Amy Meador, Anastasia Taneie, and Ariane Bellamar in conspiring with the other girls to extort money from Jeremy Piven. I thought it was important to add so that you can hear her for yourself. I have forwarded the entire conversation to the proper authorities for a professional evaluation.  The video Amy is talking about is the Anastasia Taneie video testimony against Piven. 

 Anastasia Taneie video testimony against Piven. 


b) I have hours of phones calls and videos, as well as social media posts, emails, and documents.  All the evidence points to Ariane, Amy, and Anastasia working with the other two girls to shakedown Piven for money.  



c) Whoever can secure the settlement with Piven's attorney will split it amongst the girls.  This is why Amy was upset about Anastasia’s video going first and getting help from Ariane. The girls have been arguing amongst themselves because Anastasia was getting more attention and got her video out first. This is not a theory -  it's a fact that two women have confirmed, including Amy herself. 



d) I had several calls with Amy. Some I recorded, some I couldn't because of logistics. Every call always ended with her feeling like she deserves a lot of money. 

Call 5 of 5

Amy states she didn't change her story and called me out for posting that she changed her story from what I had and what BuzzFeed published. 


a) This audio clip refers to the BuzzFeed story that didn't get much traction.  Despite being poorly written, BuzzFeed published Amy and Anastasia's stories. For some reason, BuzzFeed left out Amy being a martial arts expert, Meyer Lansky's daughter, ties to the mafia, her parents’ suicide, and much more.  


b) I reached out to BuzzFeed after Amy stated she was getting her story published because I thought it was important that BuzzFeed tell both sides of the story. I also thought it was important that they knew Amy was close to selling them out for Dr. Phil and big money.


Here's the post I published after the BuzzFeed story was released.  I sent BuzzFeed's Krystie Yandoli and David Mackau the audio clip of Amy saying "kill BuzzFeed" and "I want to retract my story" way before they published the hit piece on Piven. They ignored it, of course, and ran the story anyway.


c) Why would BuzzFeed intentionally publish such a misleading and deceptive hit piece on Jeremy Piven?  Do they need traffic to their website that bad?  During the Zeke Elliott appeals, I wrote about how to spot Fake News!  

d) This morning, on December 1st, 2017, a "friend" that works at a major newspaper sent me the below two articles. She also stated, "Tom, you really should look into the two reporters’ backgrounds as well as the CEO, Jonah Peretti." I'm intrigued, so now I am investigating them. If anyone has any information about these three, please let me know below. 

​e) So with BuzzFeed, you have a failing website and two questionable journalists. Giving  Yandoli and Mackau “journalist” titles is a stretch. Let's just call them a couple of semi-pro bloggers, ok? BuzzFeed is laying off 100 employees because revenue is down, so two semi-pro bloggers are looking for a story, and a couple of women that claim to have been attacked by Piven, which is linked to a hate-fueled sexual abuse narrative in mainstream media. It’s a simple but unfortunate chain of events.


The BuzzFeed hit piece on Jeremy may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. CBS cancels the show and claims "ratings." Only one problem with the "ratings" statement: "Wisdom of the Crowd" was receiving 8 to 9 million views per episode.


I'm not sure if this is good or not, but I know it was outperforming several shows by fifty percent but in different genres. I reached out to Richard Porter from for clarification. 


He said, "Tom, CBS has 13 dramas on the air this fall. "Wisdom of the Crowd" ranks ninth among them, and two of the ones below it air on Fridays, where not as many people are watching.  The show is also underperforming its period by 50% vs. last year. It likely was headed for cancellation regardless."  

​The show premiered Oct. 1st, 2017, where it was only three shows in before Ariane Bellamar tweets FOX News her false allegations. If you take away the false allegations and all the real drama that was surrounding the show externally, it may have had a better chance. We will never know, but I have a feeling it was more than "ratings." If it was as Richard stated "headed for cancellation regardless," no one believes that because every narrative in the world was "Piven's show canceled amid sexual assault allegations after CBS stated they were looking into the matter." 

Below are the screenshots from my iPhone where I sent the Amy Meador audio clips to BuzzFeed's Krystie Yandoli’s personal cell phone. I’m posting these here in case she says she never received them or didn't receive them before they ran the story.  I knew Amy and Anastasia were lying and thought they would want to know before further damaging Piven’s image and likeness.

2. Amy states, "You're investigating the guy as an accused rapist."  

I'm not investigating Jeremy Piven. I was investigating you, Amy. Again, she states that Jeremy is a rapist. You know who else keeps calling Jeremy a rapist? Have you connected the dots yet?  Do you see what's really going on?


3. Amy states, "The truth is not your fucking business, you're a sports show. How is this your business?" 

a) It’s Sports+Plus. The “+” is whatever I feel like it should be. Too bad for her that the Cowboys aren’t performing right now or I would not have paid so much attention the Piven story. 


b) I start backing way off, telling Amy I'm done with the story because she is calling me every day and tweeting at me negatively. This is what someone does when they are exposed for who they really are. But based on her mental state of mind, she has a hard time differentiating the truth from the fiction. I think that she thinks and believes it's all real. 


c) At the end of the audio clip, I tell her my higher purpose and why I am so motivated to finding Ariane Bellamar. This story started out just trying to find the truth around an innocent man accused of a crime he didn't commit, but my trek took on an even higher purpose. In the middle of this storm, there's two kids, Emma, nine, and the baby, now two years old.  I think about the kids every night, and my little eight-year-old daughter prays for Jeremy and the kids every night. 


If it weren't for Jeremy being falsely accused, I would have never given these poor kids a second thought. If you step back and think about it, we have an opportunity to help two helpless children that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.  Because let's face it, the children are the real victims here. 


d) Amy Meador, like Ariane Bellamar/Patterson/Suerev,  Anastasia Taneie, Tanner Slaught, and Isis Taylor, all have lengthy criminal backgrounds. I cannot post their records, but you can go search the women yourself. 


On a scale from one to ten,  ten being Yes! The Truth! I would have to rate Amy's story negative one. It's just not believable at all and sounds at times rehearsed. I caught her in at least five lies myself on two different phone calls.  It's insane any legit media source would publish anything Amy Meador and co-conspirators have to say. 


Oh, I almost forgot. Remember (4-B) when I said: "Soon I am going to reveal something about all this that's going to blow your mind?" ... Watch the below video and and hold on to your head. 

Beyond the Tweets

Beyond the Tweets

Watch Now

The above video reveals a piece of the puzzle. Sign in to watch this all unfold. We will keep you updated as the story develops. Special thanks to all of you in Twitterland for your help and contributing information. Without you guys, I would have never connected the dots. You know who you are and be proud of the work you're doing.


Tom Stokes 11/30/2017   4:41 AM Dallas, Texas 

Please note that this story is developing daily. Make sure you check back often! 

1. Witness Identity Shield


Standards of protection policy:


We hold very high standards around protecting people coming forward.  These standards of protection are in place in fear of retaliation from Ariane Bellamar, Tanner Slaught, and their related parties that have a history of creating legal and reputation problems. We will reveal the witness properly when we know that they are protected and there will be no repercussions for these parties coming forward. This applies to existing and future witnesses on audio and/or video. The signed affidavits are made available to mainstream media only after the witness has agreed to release his/her sworn statements. 


Note: if you hear a skip in audio, that's a gap when editing to protect an identity and/or removing irrelevant conversation. 


2. About recording phone calls in Texas:


Texas's wiretapping law is a "one-party consent" law. Texas makes it a crime to intercept or record any "wire, oral, or electronic communication" unless one party to the conversation consents. Texas Penal Code § 16.02   I, Tom Stokes, consent to any and all calls that come into my office to be recorded. I further release these phone calls as the exhibits in the newly-formed internal extortion investigation. Statements made herein and available for public view and for law enforcement in the United States and Canada.   


3. Penalty of perjury:


Wherever you read statement of facts to support claims (audio, video, or written text), please invoke the perjury declaration:  I, Tom Stokes, declare under penalty of perjury (under the laws of the United States of America) that the foregoing is true and correct in accordance with 18 USC § 1621.




Please see the press release for more details. 





If you have any information about this case please contact me personally below.

We hold very high standards around keeping your identity protected. 


Tom Stokes 

Thanks! Message sent.

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